New Year’s Forgiveness Ritual to Transform Heartbreak and Let Love In

Are you ready for a bigger, more meaningful love this New Year?

The ending of a year and beginning of a new one stirs up so many emotions, and when you are heartbroken, you are probably ready to jump into the new year ahead, and say sayonara to the old, leaving behind the pain, tears and heartache.

But there is something that is extremely important to do, before moving on and jumping ahead, so that you can truly leave behind your heartbreak and let new love in the coming year:

Forgiving yourself and previous partners.

Beginning a New Year and desiring it to be filled with love without forgiving yourself and your partners for heartache in the past year is like asking a flower to grow in toxic soil. It simply won’t happen.  

And girl-oh-girl do I have a powerful New Year’s Eve Forgiveness Ritual to share with you today! (see below)

But first…the backstory of how I discovered this powerful ritual in my own life…

In New Year’s Eve of 2014 I was having a really hard time letting go of a relationship I was in for 5 years. It had come to a dramatic stop 6 months earlier.

I was angry. I felt betrayed. I couldn’t understand how someone who loved me could begin seeing another woman without telling me. We had always agreed to be honest and upfront with each other. And most of all, I was angry at myself for being blindly oblivious to it all, even though my intuition was spot on…I knew the truth all along, but just didn’t want to believe it.

So, that night of New Year’s Eve, after returning from a gong meditation event at a local yoga studio, I came home and felt a strong urge to let go…for good.

To let go of the past. To let go of my anger at him and myself. And to find deep forgiveness, for myself, and for him.

Before I knew it, I had completed a ritual, leaving me feeling so much love in my heart, peace surrounding my heartbreak and compassion for my ex-partner. Sure, I still wasn’t okay with how everything had gone down – not being truthful or honest is never okay – but within my heart I was able to forgive him and myself, finding a whole new level of love for the relationship we once had. And, best of all…I was hopeful for the future love and relationships I knew were coming in the New Year.

Here’s the crazy thing…and the reason I KNOW this ritual works…

Remember the gong meditation party I went to? Well, I had met someone there. A man I felt a connection with, but hadn’t thought much about as a romantic partner. As soon as I completed the Forgiveness Ritual, he sent me a text saying Happy New Year and asking me if I’d like to go to coffee! Wow….that was quick!

Little did I know that we would fall fast in love, leading to a glorious trip for my birthday to Zion the following month, and him instantly buying 8 round trip plane tickets to come and see me over the course of the next 7 months!

So, as you can see, this is a powerful ritual, and for the first time, I’m sharing the gist of how I did it, so that you can let go of the past year, transform your heartbreak and forgive yourself and previous partners in order to let love in.

Note: If you’d like my EXACT 35 minute ritual in guided audio format, you can grab it as part of the From Lonely to Love Homestudy Program here. Special New Year 2017 discount only through January 3!

New Year’s Forgiveness Ritual to Transform Heartbreak and Let Love In

  1. Schedule time just for yourself in a closed room with no one to interrupt. This is a tender experience, so you need to feel safe without distractions, noises or other people. (preferably no people in the house to get the most benefit)
  2. Gather these items: A candle, a lighter, a photo of you and your previous partner (if you don’t have one, a photo of yourself or him at the time you were together).
  3. Light the candle. Feel both the pain of your heartbreak, the emotions towards your ex, and the love you had for him and your relationship.
  4. Look at the photo of you and your previous partner. Say: “I forgive you, and I forgive myself. I let go and open myself to new love.”
  5. Blow the candle out. Feel yourself lighter, more joyful and with space in your heart for a new love this coming year.

There is power in ritual. Power in commemorating our heartbreak and transforming it into forgiveness and love. My biggest wish for you is that you allow yourself to FULLY let go so that previous relationship pain doesn’t prevent you from attracting the love you deserve this coming year.

Personally, I know how tough letting go and forgiving can be. It wasn’t until I hired a coach, that I was able to have the confidence and tools to transform my heartbreak.

Maybe you too desire some additional support?
You don’t have to heal your heart alone.

That’s why I created my From Lonely to Love Homestudy Program, which includes the entire, EXACT Forgiveness Ritual I did on New Year’s Eve 2014, that led to forgiving my previous partner and instantly creating space for a new love, who ended up texting me just a couple seconds later! (I’m still amazed at how fast that worked)

The full ritual is too much to put in a blog, and a lot more powerful when you can hear me guiding you through it step-by-step.


If your heart is having a hard time letting go of a previous lover, or men who you know aren’t good for you, and you’re longing to welcome in the love you deserve this coming year, I invite you to join the From Lonely to Love Homestudy Program.

I’d love to hear from you….

Are you making a commitment to forgive yourself and your previous partners with a New Year’s ritual?

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Happy New Year!

With Radiant, Love & Forgiveness,

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