People are super excited about this…plus, Miami pics!

Well, I’m back in Vegas (small puppy-like wine), but I must say….I’m SO glad that I took my last-minute Bliss Trip to Miami.  Seriously, my not knowing why I was supposed to go tuned into a beautiful revelation in so many ways. Mine and Harnaik’s relationship is so much stronger because of it.

Gorgeous sunset Miami pics!

You can learn one of the reasons I’m so happy I went to Miami in the replay videos of my webinar:

How I Took 4 Bliss Trips in 1 Year while working full-time & starting a biz (and how you can too!)

Here’s the links:

Video #1

Video #2 -you’ll have to put in your info to watch this one unless you registered previously and can access the replay link sent to you via email

(there are two because I totally exited the webinar in the middle of presenting – whoops!)

This webinar was PACKED with the most content I’ve ever provided.  13 tips for how you can take a Bliss Trip 🙂


The second reason I’m so happy I went to Miami is because Harnaik and I had some pretty deep, open and loving conversations about our values and our future.

It wasn’t easy, but it was beautiful.

We’ve really figured out this whole conversation dynamic between men and women!

Which is why, I’m SUPER stoked that Harnaik is joining me for a webinar (he’s totally nervous but I know he’ll be great)!!!

He’s going to provide YOU with “Insider Info” on how you can have these conversations with your man too!


I told the gals in my women’s group that I’m doing this webinar with Harnaik and they freaked! (in a good way, of course).  I’ve already got juicy questions lined up from all of them 🙂

It’s all happening this coming Saturday, April 4 at Noon PT:

Insider Info: How to Receive Unconditional Love & Self Care Support from a Man so you can travel, fulfill your dreams and have it all.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can have loving, honest & empowering convos with your man (or partner) that leave both people getting their needs met
  • How to address tough conversations with your man, so you don’t feel like a B*tch (and he doesn’t feel threatened)
  • How to speak with your man about your dreams and desires (like traveling or going on a big retreat to Bali) and get him to instantly support you (regardless of financial cost)
  • The secret sauce to mine and Harnaik’s relationship and how you too can use our tips to feel unconditional love, support, passion and closeness with your partner (even if you’ve been together for years)
Remember, even if you can’t attend live, you can sign-up and I’ll send you the replay video 🙂
To Your Radiance,

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