permission to change your mind (my juice cleanse fail)

How many times have you started something and then thought…

“I really want to stop, but I made a promise to myself (or another person), so I’ll keep on keepin’ on.”

Ugh, this is so me.

One thing I consistently tell my clients, because it has helped me SO much in my own Self Care is:

Give yourself permission to change your mind at any time and for any reason.

Whew, doesn’t that feel like a relief?

I put my own philosophy into action this week after I started what I intended to be a 4 or 5 day juice cleanse.

Jess kissin' a juice


I’ve done these cleanses before – and they are SO great for rebalancing my mind, body and soul.  I swear, without needing to digest any food, you don’t just save your body a lot of stress and send it into a gentle resting state, but you score tons of Me Time (seriously, food consumes our time between thinking about what we want to eat, preparing it, eating it and doing dishes!)

But for whatever reason, this time, I wasn’t able to receive the full gift of a juice cleanse.  Instead of the usual energy, clarity and peace that I receive while diving in to concoctions of kale, swiss chard, spinach, cucumber, celery, oranges, strawberries, cilantro, parsley, lemons, limes and a whole lotta other juicy goodness, all I could think of was food.  Food.  FOOD!

On day 2 I began perusing the internet and stumbled upon an amazing website with creamy, delicious vegan recipes and literally could taste the solid, warm goodness I was viewing on the screen.  Talk about torture!

For a moment, I thought….”No Jess, you made a promise to yourself that you would do this juice cleanse.  It’s in your best interest.  You’ve done it before, silly….what’s WRONG with you?!”

Yeah, so NOT the kind of self-love talk that goes with Radiant Self Care.

So you know what I did?

I forgave myself.  For wanting food.  For breaking a promise.  And instead, reminded myself that I can change my mind at any time and for any reason.

YES! Empowerment!

Then, I went home and had two tablespoons, heaping full of creamy almond butter. YUM.

I continued my juice cleanse through lunch on the 3rd day, but I allowed a few more spoonfuls of almond butter to grace my mouth.  Yep, giving my body what she wanted felt so good!!

What can you learn from my experience?

Is there something in your life that you are being really hard on yourself for?

What can you forgive yourself for, break the promise, and make it feel good?

So many women struggle with this.  We want to follow through.  We want to be seen as a “good” person. But what good are you if you are unhappy with your decision?

In Bali, each and every woman will get the opportunity to give herself EXACTLY what she needs. No matter what. 

Every moment in Bali, with my guidance, will be a delicious journey of listening to your body and going with the flow.  Making decisions, and maybe changing your mind.  And it will be totally perfect.  Totally okay.  In fact, it will be necessary to ensure each woman leaves the retreat feeling fully RECHARGED.


Would you like permission to give yourself exactly what you need, no matter what, for 9 days and 8 nights in Bali at The Radiance Recharge?

If so, my arms are open, waiting to hear from you.

Just send me an email with the subject line “PERMISSION” to 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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