Peru Legit Life Lesson 4: Let it all hang out

Before I closed my suitcase, full of everything from insulated hiking socks to bug spray, plastic baggies and leggings of every color (all the recommended Peru necessities according to my research), I hesitated.

Did I really want to leave ALL my make up at home?

I didn’t want to take any makeup to Peru?

No. I think. No, no. No, makeup.

It was a clear answer, but still felt strange. I’d never been away from my makeup for this long. Never had it at least within 24-hours of access.

My makeup. My pretty.

Interesting that I was having this last minute reaction as I zipped my suitcase and headed out the door on my soon-to-be journey of a lifetime.

But isn’t life like that? We know, so clearly, what our soul needs. And then, we freak at the last minute.

What if I’m the only one who doesn’t bring any makeup?
What if we go somewhere fancy and I’ll wish I had brought it?
(really, this ran through my mind!)

What if I need my makeup to provide protection from the scorching sun at such a high elevation?

Oh, how funny my mind can be.

The truth is, once I got to Peru, not wearing makeup was something I needed to do for me.

In fact, I let it ALL hang out in Peru.

Let it all hang out -

If I even wore a bra, it was a sports bra. I didn’t bring any regular bras.
Most days I put on my leggings or yoga pants without underwear.

Yup, I let it ALL hang out.
And it felt great.

I just let my body breathe. From every cell. Every pore.

You know the amazing thing? I started to really look at my face in the mirror and realize just how beautiful I am without makeup.

I looked younger. I spent my entire 30th birthday on the plane to Peru, so having this experience of seeing the young Jess in the mirror was fascinating.

There she was. Looking back at me. Reminding me of the pretty underneath.

For me, a huge part of the Legit Love Revolution has been giving myself permission to do, act, be and say anything that feels good, at any time.

Letting it all hang out in Peru felt good. This was Legit Love for myself.

Since I’ve been back in Las Vegas, I’ve been starting to do #MakeuplessMondays to keep reminding myself of the beauty underneath.

Who’s in? 🙂 Let me know in the comments and by sharing the pic below!

#MakeuplessMondays -

How do you let it all hang out?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,

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