Peru Legit Life Lesson 11: Your greatest fear is your greatest gift

Are you singing the song that most of the world is belting right now?

I am!

The Disney movie Frozen sure stirred up a revolution with their song “Let it Go” and as someone who finally saw the movie a few weeks ago, it’s becoming really clear to me why this song is becoming our anthem…

People DESPERATELY want to be accepted. (Click here to TWEET THIS!)

“Let it Go” is all about sharing ourselves with the world.  Our whole selves.  Especially the self that we are terrified to show.

It’s the self that keeps us up at night wondering…if I give them even a glimpse of that, will they still love me?

This got me thinking about things that we fear in life.

For me, it’s spiders.

And wouldn’t you know, while I was in Peru, there were spiders EVERYWHERE!

They were small, brown, kinda see-through, crawling around my room and dropping from the ceiling.  Ick! I couldn’t sleep peacefully for fear they were going to attack me during my slumber.

And then, a magic miracle happened.

The very thing that I fear the most (at least on a physical level), showed up during one of our ceremonies in Peru.

She was jet black, unlike the other spiders I had seen in Peru.  Tiny. With bright green warrior paint on her.  She stayed with me as I huddled in our temple during the ceremony, seeking refuge from the rain and wind storm that was blowing through.

Afterward, when we shared our experiences with our Shaman, he told me something I never knew before:

In many cultures the spider is known as a feminine being. She’s a creator, the weaver of intricate webs, guarding Mother Earth and her people.


After that experience, I slept like a baby for the remainder of my time in Peru because I REFRAMED how I looked at the spider.  She was no longer something to be afraid of.  She was a reminder of my gifts.  My power. She was ME!

Just like the song “Let it Go” reminds us, our greatest source of power and strength comes from accepting the parts of us that we fear. 

let it go to let love in
Picture I took at Machu Picchu before we climbed the big mountain, Huayna Picchu

When we Let it Go  – the fear, the need to please, the urge to keep our creativity caged –and rest assured that our greatest fear is only scary because we know the power in setting it free,  we can fully experience the real US, the self that wants to be seen.  

So I invite you, Let IT Go, gorgeous.  Whatever IT is. You are accepted, just as you are right now.

Is there anything that you would really like to Let Go of?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…just login to Facebook so the comment box shows up, then leave your thoughts.  Easy breezy! Let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,


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