Peru Legit Life Lesson 2: It’s hard to look at your own shit, literally

It’s hard to look at your own shit, literally.

Since I’ve been back from my 9 days in Peru, many people have been curious about my experience.

“It’s so hard to sum it up in words,” has been my common response. Truly, I am speechless about the transformation that occurred within me during my short time in the beautiful country of Peru.

However, aside from all of the spiritual awakening, connection to nature and delicious, fresh, organic food, there is one thing I feel compelled to let my curious question askers know…just for shits and giggles: 

We couldn’t flush our toilet paper down the toilet…even after we went poop!

Poopy Rules

It was one of the first things we learned (for obvious reasons) after we arrived at our retreat center located in the city of Pisac in the Sacred Valley.

Retreat Center in Sacred Valley - Paz Y Luz -
Our retreat center, Paz Y Luz, means Peace and Light in Quechua

“Don’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet,” said our retreat center manager. “Put it in the small trash can in the bathroom.”

This statement seemed pretty normal. Until it seemed all of us were thinking of the same question, yet too afraid to ask.

Even our crap covered toilet paper?

Looking back, it’s interesting how none of us asked. It’s hard to talk about our shit.

The First Wipe

The first time I had to follow this rule was the night we arrived (thank goodness I wasn’t plugged up from all my travel).

I’m pretty sure after unloading (giggle) I habitually wiped, then dropped the toilet paper in the toilet. Naturally, right?
It’s like my mind didn’t want to accept what we had been told.

Look at our own shit? Gross.

So, there I went, toilet diving. That was a first. And something that I ended up having to do several times the first few days, as I got used to the unfamiliar wipe/trash toss routine.

Pigs of Peru - facing the junk means survival

Eventually, We Face our Shit

There were quite a few thoughts that weren’t able to breach my mind about the toilet rule, while in Peru.

Perhaps I was too focused on not getting my crap on my hand as I folded delicately and tossed the poo-covered tissue in the small blue plastic bin and hurried to shut the lid.

Now though, I am clear about the irony of it all.

I had a hard time looking at my shit. My crap. The icky stuff that left my body. Waste. Stinkiness.

Hmm…isn’t this life?

Perhaps this was a reflection of how hard it is to look at the not-so-pretty things in our lives.

The things that are real. Yet, not the way we’d like them to appear.

Messiness - lack of the pretty - is the beautiful paradox

In Peru, I had no choice. I had to face my shit. Daily. And then, after all the healthy massive amounts of veggies we were consuming, multiple times a day.

What I’ve learned is that I am so grateful for my American plumping power. Yet, I’m also grateful for the lesson that sometimes it’s important to get out of our comfort zone. Discover the reality of being human. Of living in other countries. Of experiencing the un-pretty. And sometimes, that means facing our shit.

Have you had an experience that took you out of your comfort zone and led you to face the reality of life?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,

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