Peru Legit Life Lesson 3: Just be a human being

While I was in Peru, for 9 full days, I gave myself permission.

Permission to BE.

Now, some of you may be wondering what exactly this means. It’s like when we talk about “being present” – what does that really look like when it comes down to practice?

Well, I’m not a fan of strict definitions, but I believe that our own experiences teach us the greatest lessons, so here is my experience of “just BEING”…

No use of my cell phone or computer…AT ALL.

No calling.
No texting.
No checking Facebook or any social media.
No checking my email.

I completely unplugged.

For me, this is what it means to BE.

Just be a human being -

I let go of wondering about people.
Didn’t think of my dogs but once (yeah, this shocked me).

I created space in my mind, my heart, my body, to let go.
Of all the expectations.
Of all the shoulds.
Of all the deadlines, the schedules, the routine.

I flowed, felt my body, and did whatever it guided me to do.

Allowing myself to BE isn’t something new for me. A few years ago I discovered that when I built in dedicated time for me – Me Time – not only was I happier, more creative and less stressed, but my extreme stomach pains that I had suffered from since a child, magically went away. Read more about that here.

Me Time has been non-negotiable for me.
But Peru was different.

Just Being in Peru = Freedom.

A wild unleashing.
Room to breathe.

View from room in Peru

Meditation in the crisp morning air, sitting in the lush green grass, listening to the humming birds wiz by, the bees buzz and other birds sing their songs.

I sat there without a care in the world for an hour, at least.
The longest uninterrupted meditation I’ve ever had.

To just BE. Yes, it’s DIVINE.

Peru begged me to be a human Being versus a human Doing.

To stand in awe of her glorious mountains that held me so gently in the belly of the Sacred Valley.

To marvel at the size of the hummingbirds – the biggest in the world!

To dance in the grass and wildflowers with the butterflies, as they flew in pairs, kissing and playing with each other. (Oh yeah, I TOTALLY frolicked, leapt and spun like a hippie!)

The more I allowed myself to BE, the more I relaxed into my body.

Another view from room in Peru

Tension in my neck went away.
My tummy, where I hold nearly all of my energy, softened.
My sleep became a glorious melting away into la-la land.

I’m so grateful for these 9 days of complete BEING in Peru.

It’s funny, because I keep needing to remind myself, now that I’m home, that I can create BEING for myself in the U.S. Time and distance are irrelevant when it comes to just BEING. That’s the beautiful thing: all that BEING requires is a human being – YOU.

What is your favorite way to just be and human being?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,

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