Peru Legit Life Lesson 6: Give it all to Pachamama

I was supposed to wake up at 5 a.m. this morning.

But I feel like I’ve been knocked upside the head by a 2×4 after receiving an energy balancing last night that apparently is clearing a TON of stuff out of my head, so instead, I listened to my body and stayed snuggled under the covers, attempting to release the pain until 7 a.m.

For you, this means you’re getting this email later than usual since for now, I like to write all of my blogs the morning they are released. There is something very liberating about hitting “send” and sharing my thoughts with you, knowing they have just left my heart and hit your computer screen.

What my late rise also means is we can always trust that things will work out perfectly.

This has been something I’m struggling with the last few weeks, with my big community event Sensory EXPLOSION coming up in Las Vegas this Friday, March 21. It WILL be amazing. I know this. Fantastic people are registered. There are 15 other people besides me offering their talents of live music, painting, dancing, meditation, massage and more. Truly, I’m in awe of the magic that will happen on Friday. Still, the tug of fear that I haven’t done everything I could to make it even more amazing, is still there. *Releasing perfection now…*

Speaking of perfection, it is also perfect that the topic of today’s blog is “Give it all to Pachamama,” another huge Legit Life Lesson I learned while in Peru.

Pachamama (pah-chah-mamma) is the word for Mother Earth in Peru.

Her spiral symbol is everywhere, from the national logo of Peru, to jewelry, woodwork on buildings and more.

Peru Logo Pachamama

Pachamama is respected deeply in Peru. And I now see why in a way that I had no understanding before.

During my retreat in Peru, I was naturally drawn to be outside. To gaze at the bright green Andes Mountains. To plant my feet into the damp clover-covered earth. To nestle my head on her pillow and literally, give it ALL to her.

All worries.

All doubts.



Pachamama asked for it. She took it from me.

I was so grateful to be held like this. To know that I could let go of all emotions and send them deep into the earth. Pachamama would know what to do with them.

Give it all to Mother Earth -

Me loving Pachamama in Peru


While I was on the top of Huayna Picchu, the huge mountain behind Machu Picchu, I placed my hand gently on the rock, the mountain, Pachamama.

My hand began to sting, sharply, painfully. I could feel all that Mother Earth takes from us. In that moment, I was so grateful. It was a confirmation to just how much our land can hold for us as a people. And now, I am further in awe of the beauty and safety that Pachamama provides us, knowing that I can turn to her whenever I need to let go, and at the same time, feeling a deep longing to help save our planet so we can return her the favor.

As I lay in my bed this morning, I imagined I was snuggling the ground as I did in Peru. I imagined Pachamama’s gentle embrace reaching up out of the ground and offering her hands to me. A place to dump whatever I didn’t want to take with me into my day.

What has been your experience with nature, Mother Earth, Pachamama? How has she helped you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,

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