Peru Legit Life Lesson 7: Enjoy the sweet taste of life

There is one thing we all know for sure and that is America is addicted to sugar.

I can’t help but wonder, does this epidemic reflect something that we are all lacking?

Sweetness in our own lives?

By “sweetness” I don’t mean the ooey gooey chocolate ganache on top of your lava cake, or the extra caramel in your caramel macchiato.

What I mean is that deliciousness in our lives that leaves us wanting more…like sugar, but without the spikes in blood sugar.

This sweetness feeds the soul consistently, nourishes our hearts and doesn’t leave us feeling lacking, wanting more, but simply wanting more for the pure pleasure of enjoying our lives. No crash. Only smooth ripples of expansion and contraction.

Whenever I feel that craving in my body to gorge on sugary treats, I ask myself, “what sweetness am I lacking in my life that is causing me to yearn for this nectar?”

Oftentimes the answer is I have deprived myself of something – that extra hour of sleep, a walk in the park, the dance lessons I wanted to sign-up for but never got around to (this is a true one for me right now!)

Then, when I determine what my soul is craving, I feed it to her. That sweetness of knowing I can provide myself with nourishment whenever I want, I just need to choose it, is better than any sugar high, it’s the constant high of my divine life!

In Peru, I discovered a whole new level of providing myself with the sweetness in life.

During a trip to the market, I was soaking in all the glorious fruits, veggies, herbs and healing remedies, overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

I kept telling myself, there was too much to choose from, I couldn’t possibly have it ALL, so I wasn’t going to have any of it.

Then, I watched some of the girls buying giant avocados and mangoes, and questioned myself, “why am I holding back?”

Yes, I couldn’t take home the whole market (unfortunately!) but I could trust myself in that very moment to know what would nourish me. I could give myself the sweetness of life.

My eyes drifted to a yellow/orange colored fruit that was shaped similar to a pear. I’d never seen a fruit like this and I was curious. The skin was shiny and smooth and firm. Maybe it was an exotic apple?

I purchased the mysterious fruit and a few minutes later, decided to dig in to discover what sweetness it would provide me with. Crunch. To my surprise, the outside was actually a thick, porous skin. I broke off the skin piece by piece – crunch, crunch, crunch, revealing the nectar inside.

taste the sweetness of life-

It looked disgusting! Grey, fish-egg looking seeds with a gelatinous outside were packed into the center of my mystery fruit. But after one suck of those seeds (it’s impossible to dig them out and eat them with your hand since they are so slippery), I was in heaven. The perfect balance of all textures – jelly mild sweetness of the flesh, and slight crunchiness of the seed.

Later, a local Peruvian told us the fruit was a passion fruit. How perfect, I thought, giggling in my own mind as I smiled.

How do you provide yourself with the sweetness of life? Are there any areas that you hold yourself back from?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,

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