Peru Legit Life Lesson 9: View your life from the Condor’s perspective

Do you have a Workout Junkie on your shoulder?

“Get off your azz and go to the gym.”
“Look lazy pants, you’re never gonna get anywhere in life if you don’t do some physical activity.”
“No pain, no gain sister!!”

My guess is, you know this voice quite well.  I like to call her my Workout Junkie.

She’s like Richard Simmons on crack, but waaaay meaner.

I hate when she comes to visit. And lately, she’s been coming around way too often, because I’ve been taking a break from working out.

As someone who loves to be active, I also listen to what my body needs.  Lately, that’s been gentleness.  My body wants to cocoon.

But the Workout Junkie doesn’t think that’s so cool. She tells me things like:

You’re gonna get fat if you don’t workout.

Remember when you used to do those hardcore workouts, why don’t you have the stamina anymore? Something must be WRONG with you.

What is this cocooning crap? Sounds like something for weak women.

I’m so tired of listening to her.  But I’m also in the confused state of wondering if she has some validity to her thoughts.  Maybe working out IS what I need right now.  Maybe my body telling me to rest is actually the lie. As I’m typing this I have a bag of gym clothes in the car, ready to go, but all I really want to do is go home and meditate and eat coconut milk cookie dough ice cream.  Ahh. Confusion.

Here’s where the lesson comes in.

I was considering my 19 Legit Life Lessons from Peru – the lessons that I wrote down as soon as I returned from my magical journey – and today is #9: View your life from the Condor’s perspective.


How, you ask?

The Condor has two characteristics that can teach us about Legit Love for ourselves:

1) The Condor is a revered animal in Peru, symbolizing spirituality and wisdom, yet in the U.S. this bird is referred to as a Vulture, a low-life, a savage creature.

2) The Condor soars high above. They have an entirely different view of the world from up top.  A grander, larger perspective.

open your wings

Let’s dive a little deeper into how the Condor can help us tap into Legit Love for ourselves and ignore the Workout Junkie when we feel like cocooning.

The perception of what is “best” for you

No one knows what is best for you.  Not even miss bossy pants Workout Junkie on your shoulder, trying to push you to be a workout beast like her.  Bless her, she means well.  She wants you to be healthy and happy, but she doesn’t know best.

Only you know that you are exhausted.  You don’t feel like working out. Your mind, body and soul need to take an extended cat nap, and that is A-okay.

Like the Peruvians view the Condor, view your need to cocoon as something beautiful. It’s sacred. It might not be what others think you need right now, and that’s okay too.  It’s a different perception.  An outside perception, just like the Condor is called a Vulture in the U.S. It isn’t bad or wrong, just different.  It’s what we know.

Tap into your OWN knowingness and trust that your body has the answers for what you need.

The perspective to see the larger picture

Can you imagine having wings to soar high above?  Since I love butterflies, I often envision myself as one, experiencing a completely different view.  Like another version, a wise version of myself, who just needed to tweak my perspective a bit to be given the answers I craved.

Imagine that moment when your Workout Junkie appears.  You hear her, you don’t initially agree with her because you know you need to cocoon, but then, she doesn’t stop talking.  Fear sets in.  You believe what she says and suddenly you’re terrified that if you don’t get off your tush and go to the gym PRONTO, you will forever be labeled a Lazy Lard Lady.


Envision yourself as a Condor.
Spread your wings. 
Soar high above your life. 

Outside the fear, up, up, up, and see your Workout Junkie really tiny.  She’s nothing but a silly illusion. A part of you who cares about your health, but doesn’t know what’s best for you.

Soak in that beautiful perspective of your life from up top.  See it in its entirety.  See that when you take time to cocoon, when you know you need to, that further down the road things are actually better.  With the lessons of the Condor we can see it’s not just okay to cocoon, but it’s necessary to our survival (and the Condor can live 70+ years!).

Do you have a Workout Junkie?  How do you deal with her? 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…just login to Facebook so the comment box shows up, then leave your thoughts.  Easy breezy! Let’s start a conversation!

Legit Loving you,


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