Powerful self care angel exercise to not feel so alone

I am back from my trip to San Francisco where I had a fan-tab-ulous time attending a transformational conference. In fact, it was SO transformational that I decided to join the conference leaders’ 18 month program!

In a moment, I’d love to share with you a POWERFUL exercise that I learned at the conference. You can do it with a friend, sister or partner….I’m telling you, this exercise had most of us in the room crying tears of joy because it touched us so deeply.

But first, can I celebrate something with you?

You know how I just said that I signed-up for an 18 month program?
Well…this was not originally the plan.

I went to the event in San Francisco determined to not sign-up for any programs.

We do that sometimes, right? Make a decision before we really have the information. I was totally closed off – “nope, not me!”

But once I got there and experienced the community (not just of women, but men too…cuz, I’m like really good at being in community with women), I realized it was what I’ve been missing in my life.

A place to belong.
To be part of something bigger than me.
To share struggles and celebrations.

Opening up to community support is opening up to self care! {click to tweet}

Needless to say I’m so glad that I moved past my closed-off mentality and opened up to the possibilities of who I could become in this program….AND how this transformation will allow me to bring better support and resources to you!

Thank you so much for celebrating this with me 🙂 My hope is that it inspires you to open up to possibilities, community and support in your own life.

Okay…now back to that powerful exercise that I experienced at the event…

self care angel

Here’s how it went

1. We all thought of a limiting belief we have

  • “I’m not skinny enough”
  • “There’s never enough time”
  • “People don’t understand me” <——- this one was mine

2. Then we turned that statement around to a positive affirmation

  • “My body is beautiful and perfect the way it is”
  • “I have more than enough time to do the things I love”
  • “People understand and feel connected to me easily”

3. Then, half of us closed our eyes (we were the receivers)

4. The other half went around to us and whispered their positive affirmation in our ear (they were the angels)

5. Then, we switched roles.

OMG….I can’t even begin to explain how powerful this was!

Literally, tears were streaming down nearly everyone’s face.
We were touched to the core.

And here’s the reason why…

Your pain is my pain, and my pain is yours. {click to tweet}

We really all are struggling with the same things.
Even if we aren’t at this exact moment, we have at some point in life.

This exercise helped me not feel alone.

What a beautiful way to elevate your Radiant Self Care, right?!

How you can do this exercise too

1. Find a person to do it with & ask them to play:

  • A close friend 
  • Your partner
  • Your sister (or soul sister if, like me, you don’t have one by blood)

2. Determine the method/frequency

  • You can do this exercise once (in person like I did).
  • Or, maybe each day or once a week on Tuesdays you decide to text each other a positive affirmation. Remember, it can be something that YOU would like to turn from a liming belief to something that feels good and accepting. It is always relevant to the other person.


Are you excited to give it a try?

I’d love to hear a “yes” in the comments below if you plan to do this powerful exercise! And, I’m also curious…

What powerful exercises like this do you recommend to help us not feel so alone?

Share below… 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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