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Visible Video Script Template + How-To Training

A customizable script for Facebook Live or pre-recorded videos so that you never struggle with what to say, or leave out important information necessary to create intentional, authentic videos with results again…plus, have so much fun doing it!

What you get:

  • an entire script example I helped one of my previous VIP clients create, so that you have inspiration for creating your own script
  • easy copy and paste sections for you to simply “fill in the blank” and replace your authentic words in each section of the template
  • 15 specific sections that you need to include in every video including sections on…
  • what to say to create engagement,
  • how to tell your story so people feel connected to your heart,
  • the best format to deliver value so people want to work with you,
  • & how to make an offer for a free discovery call/consult without feeling salesy!

Plus BONUS!!!

A step-by-step video training where I will take you through the template, explain each section and its importance and give you ideas for using the template for your unique needs as well as your Video Vixen Archetype strengths! 

Total Value = $97
Yours for only = $11!

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Do you ever get all excited to make a video…
Then suffer from “Blank Screen Syndrome?”

Like…crickets, because you don’t really know what to say?

Or afraid what people will think if you let what’s inside of your heart, be communicated by your mouth?

Or maybe you know exactly what to say...but your problem is narrowing down the most important and valuable things to include in a video.

If any of these has happened to you, you're in the right place.

Since you showed interest in determining your Video Vixen Archetype, I'm guessing that you are prioritizing video in your business. Congrats!

Now, my goal it to help you take the guessing out of what to say on camera.
Sounds good, right?!

That's why I'm offering this super special resource to you - my Visible Video Script Template. It will be a great accompaniment to your Video Vixen Archetype! And it's only available on this page for this price


Meet Video Vixens who have used the template...

I have no problem doing a Facebook Live anymore. It doesn't even scare me!

Before I worked with Jess, I was feeling incredibly intimidated about being visible online. I felt that I would be bothering people who were friends of mine on Facebook and that I had no idea how to communicate what I wanted to say in an authentic way online. The idea of doing a FB Live was physically painful! I was overwhelmed with how to make my online presence feel cohesive and impactful.

Since working with Jess, I feel way more confident about marketing and visibility online! I have no problem with doing a FB Live anymore. It doesn’t even scare me! 

~ Chani Jacobson
Bold Brilliant Love Coach, ChaniJacobson.com

People are connecting to my authenticity and passion

Jess brought me a greater understanding of how to market myself through videos on social media but, most importantly she brought me back to connection with myself and the passions I want to share with others.

Before I met with Jess, I was feeling uncomfortable about making videos of value and lacked the confidence to accept myself on camera.  She helped me move past my fears and discover so many different topics to cover in my videos that will represent who I am while attracting clients to me.  She is down to earth and genuine about helping women share with the world their best self.

I highly recommend aligning yourself with her skill and passion.  Since working with Jess, I have gained more confidence in my video skills and am beginning to produce more videos and content that I love.  I am getting more connections and clients through Facebook as people are connecting to my authenticity and passion.  I look forward to seeing what my results will be like over the next 90 days!  

~ Jess Acheson

Snag this $11 offer now!


Remember, the $11 Visible Video Script Template + How-To Training is available only on this page, so grab it now, you Video Vixen!

A Love Note for You:

Even though today I've done over 300 videos and broadcasted live with more than 50,000 views, my first year in business my videos tanked. I had all the fancy equipment and released what I thought were awesome videos each week for an entire year. What I realized was I was putting a great performance on, but was scared to show my true authenticity. Now I'm grateful to have found a way that helped me, and now helps my clients feel safe to share all sides of themselves on camera - their fierce, playful and sexy sides - so that their videos and voice connect to the clients they are meant to serve. This is the inspiration behind the Video Vixen Archetypes! Thank you for your voice, your visibility & your willingness to be a Video Vixen so that together, we can change the world.

I can't wait to hear how the Visible Video Script Template provides you some ease, amps up your authenticity and elevates your video results!

To Your Radiance,
Jess Tomlinson
Radiantpreneur | Visibility & Marketing Expert | Video Vixen