Radiant & Visible in Bali

~ October 18-26, 2019 ~

An intimate retreat to shed the "shoulds," powerfully be seen for the feminine leader you are & have your authentic + professional brand video filmed in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Are you a woman entrepreneur ready to share your message powerfully, really taking a stand for the work you do and the people you serve in a way that feels authentic to you?

Yay! Then you are in the right place, beauty. This retreat is designed for an intimate group of women entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders who are desiring to powerfully step into a new level of visibility through both transformational work, authentic marketing/messaging/storytelling and a whole lot of fun. 


You won't find any retreat like this one! Hey there, I'm Jess Tomlinson. As someone who led branding & marketing for 10 years for the largest luxury magazine company in the U.S. and most profitable airline in the world, produced 2 successful Bali retreats already and have witnessed the power of my clients truly owning their visibility, I am so pumped that you are here reading this because I know what's possible for you too!

Landing on this page means you are ready to truly step up and be SEEN as the powerful feminine leader you are. Whether you have been in business for decades, or just a few years -- you have a longing inside of you that is undeniably urging you to uplevel your visibility and finally share your story, your work, your message in one powerful package. And, you know the best way to do this is on video so that your voice will be heard and your audience will get to experience you (and be inspired + moved by you!) with all of their senses.


Imagine the most easeful and fun way of filming a brand video...that's what is possible for the women who join us in Bali! 

You will be fully supported prior to the retreat, during the retreat and after...

BEFORE: Even before the retreat begins, you will receive support on defining your video script (your brand message). I will teach you how to authentically discover the most powerful pieces of your story, who you are, what you do and why it matters, so that you feel confident that your words will make an impact (and naturally flow from your mouth!) I will even help you select what to wear and prepare you with tips to deal with nerves so that you are camera ready.

DURING: At the retreat you will receive hands-on support, coaching and transformational exercises to remove any "visibility veil" that might be dimming your truest radiance. My goal is to help you shine brightly, in all your authenticity! Plus, you will receive my direct support during your private brand video filming - whoo hoo! I will interview you with the questions that you are prepared to answer (no script memorizing, yay!), plus using my intuition in the moment to ask any additional questions that I feel could enhance the impact of your video.

AFTER: After the retreat you will receive support to integrate your experience. Oftentimes there can be a visibility hangover, so you will be held in moving through any emotions and grounding into owning your Radiant & Visible leadership in your life and business after returning home. You will also receive training on how to most effectively share your video across platforms for the biggest impact possible!

Feeling the YES to uplevel your radiance & visibility?
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(deadline to apply is June 30)


Visibility Impact = Entertaining

Why so serious? 😉 Oftentimes as entrepreneurs we can get overly concerned about being taken seriously. What we don't realize is that owning our playfulness is a key component to coming up with creative solutions for our clients while also showing them that working with us can be fun (and people are more likely to do things that are fun!).

That's why an entire day is devoted to exciting adventures in Ubud, the mountain city known for its yogi-centered feel. As we are transported into the mountains, the beautiful drive through the lush trees and foliage is breath-takingWe arrive at the Sacred Monkey Forest…how fun!! As you are entertained by the funny little creatures, it’s such a reminder to have fun and play in your own life and business. If it feels good to you, you can even sit down and allow the monkeys to climb on you! Next, we make our way to explore the expansive paths of the rice fields with gorgeous views for miles. You know this is truly an experience you will never forget, and you’re so happy our videographer Ben is following the group for the day to capture moments that might be great footage for your video!


Visibility Impact = Connection

You are a delicious, deep woman with a never ending supply of sensuality and radiance. Here's your chance to own it. Oftentimes as women entrepreneurs we shy away from sharing our softer sides because we're afraid of being judged as too sexy or too weak. What we don't realize is that owning our more vulnerable feminine side is a key component to connecting heart to heart with our clients while also letting them relate to your humanity.

That's why we will shed the "shoulds" in the Holy Springs Water Temple...

Now, it’s time for a powerful, sacred experience…we pull up to an ancient, spiritual temple known as the Holy Springs Water Temple (Tampak Siring), built in 900 AD. The local Balinese frequently bathe in these waters to receive blessings and transformation.

Your heart expands immediately as you set foot on these sacred grounds…literally feeling the miracles and manifestation that will occur for you here. You walk the grounds of the temple, present to the power that lies inside of you, grateful that this journey has been dedicated to getting in touch with your own soul.

We all gather as I lead a sacred ritual, preparing you to enter the holy springs water. You set an intention, knowing that with each fountain that you immerse yourself in, the water will remove what’s blocking you and welcome in what you are requesting to receive in your life (this is a great time to remove visibility blocks, by the way!).

Wowwwww! This was probably the most spiritual, transformational experience you've ever had. Such a blessing to let go, shed the "shoulds" and ask for your desires, knowing they will be fulfilled at such a sacred location! A memory and experience to be cherished and the life + biz benefits to be reaped forever.


Visibility Impact = Authority

I know beauty...you've got a big 'ole heart. And that is amazing! But one thing that can sabotage our visibility as sensitive, caring women entrepreneurs is never owning our bold truth. We tone our message and marketing down so that we don't offend. But what we don't realize is that owning our fierce side, the part of us who has rebellious opinions, is the thing that has our audiences listen up and think, "this chick has something important to say." 

That's why we will practice speaking up - owning our voice and opinions - in a safe supportive environment with me + your retreat sisters cheering you on!

Each day we will let go of a layer of invisibility, whether it's your fears around being rejected or shamed, loved for your looks, too playful, too sexy, too fierce, too spiritual too whatever...and by the time you go on camera to film your brand video you will feel so YOU, your FULL RANGE of self expression and radiance will effortlessly be seen and felt! Woot woot!


We gather in circle for the morning activities - deep inner work that will finally allow you to let go off all the “shoulds” holding you back in your life and business, discover YOUR deepest desires and step into your Radiant & Visible leadership. You know this is what you’ve been craving…connection to yourselfsupport from other women, and the confidence to really go after your visibility dreams (not society’s version!)

The slight nervousness that you were feeling is followed by a wave of calm rushing over you as you meet the women in circle, in the outdoor seating area, surrounded by the beautiful flowers and the sound of the birds. What a glorious place to let things go! You feel safe, assured that there is no judgement, everyone is accepted and unconditionally loved for who she is and who she is not during this retreat.

It feels so good to have a space to just BE….without all the doing, the pushing, the expectations and deadlines. And the activities - including visualizations, journaling exercises and personalized coaching from Jess - are gently allowing you to settle into this BE-ing. To gain clarity on what you really, really want, without all the thoughts of everyday life and to-do lists taking over. Not to mention the heart-centered reflections and feedback you receive from the other amazing women on the retreat!


An outdoor dining area awaits you at our villa...imagine sitting beneath the palm trees as you feel so connected to nature and freedom, you sit down with other amazing women beneath the sun of a new day for breakfast, the song of the afternoon birds for lunch, and the stars at night for dinner.

The rich delightful aroma of healthy, yet nourishing food prepared by the private chef is laid before you and you can’t believe your eyes and tongue! Not only is the food a beautiful presentation of colors, but the flavors are out of this world! Fresh, organic and sooooooo delicious! It’s hard to believe you won’t have to cook for 9 days and will have every meal - breakfast, lunch & dinner - prepared by this private chef, with the exception of a few delicious meals at popular local restaurants! Seriously, you are in heaven. Talk about #foodgasm and #foodporn!

The few meals outside of the villa are just as delicious! We'll make a stop at a local restaurant with Balinese cuisine, run by an adorable couple - delicious flavors of island delights and such hospitality! Perhaps you choose to stroke your palate with a savory noodle dish, finished by a fried banana with coconut. 

You'll also find yourself dining beachside...imagine the ocean view, watching the sunset with colors of fiery red, oranges and pinks as you enjoy your crisp wine, or perhaps some of the seafood caught that very day in the ocean before you, or maybe you are slurping up the nectar from the fresh exotic local fruit like mangosteen, dragonfruit or a young ripe coconut!


It can be easy to get in our heads before we go on camera! So, the day of your video shoot will include sweet moments of flow time dedicated to nourishing your body, mind and soul. A luxurious spa session! Bali is known for its world-class pampering, and immediately you can tell as you select from a menu of yummy spa services. You decide to go with a massage, followed by a sugar scrub and moisturizing body mask, and ending with a relaxing soak in a tub filled with warm water and fresh flowers! Oh, and not to mention the simply divine fresh ginger tea with honey and coconut cookies that are delivered to you while in the bath. Seriously?! You have never felt like such a Queen in your life...and now, you are the embodiment of your authentic self, ready for video!


Here's what's included in your trip package...

🌺8 night, 9 day all-inclusive accommodations

🌺Private VIP Radiant & Visible video shoot + interview

🌺(1) 3-5 minute professional brand video to share on your website & social platforms

🌺All meals ~ delicious, healthy and prepared by a local chef

🌺(1) Nurturing, luxurious spa treatment to relax before your video shoot

🌺Transportation to and from the Bali airport

🌺Daily transformational group activities & coaching support to connect deeper to yourself, remove any visibility blocks & fully step into your radiance 

🌺(1) private pre-retreat coaching call with Jess to solidify video vision

🌺(2) group pre-retreat calls for connection + support around video vision, identifying your unique brand, what to say on camera for maximum impact and visibility, how to be confident and authentic no matter how nervous you are & what to wear to shine your radiance!

🌺(2) group post-retreat calls for integration + marketing support with how to share your video for maximum engagement and visibility  

NOTE: The only thing that isn't included in the retreat investment is airfare, your Visa On Arrival and souvenirs - everything else is taken care of - yay!



A warm welcome for your website, inviting people to book a call with you, sign up for your free resource, etc. (using videos on landing pages increases conversions by 86%, Wordstream 2018)

A way to finally tell your story and share your work in a concise, inspiring & engaging way

Reach your audience through all the senses, without having to be in person networking or hosting a workshop

The most powerful tool for booking speaking gigs. Just send it to the organizer to show them your style and increase your authority.

A way to promote your own retreat! (there will be an opportunity for you to lead the group if you want to showcase this in your video)

Amp up your visibility + credibility on social media (having a professional video immediately positions you as an expert - most people have too many fears around getting a video done...but not you, because you will have epic support during the entire journey!)

Make a lasting impact on your audience & potential clients (viewers retain 95% of a message when received via video compared to only 10% via text)

Create a movement and have your video do the work for you! (Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, Small Biz Trends 2018)

And so much more! The sky is the limit for what a professional brand video can do for you!

Want to explore the possibility of going on this transformational retreat, upleveling your radiance & visibility and getting a professional brand video filmed?

Just enter your details below & I'll be in touch via email...
(deadline to apply is June 30)

After I send you your application, we will review to see if you meet the qualifications. If you do, we will set up a phone call to connect. I can't wait to learn more about you, your business & your visibility desires!

Thank you, Jess & Ben, for giving me such an enjoyable experience!

I was a little nervous about being filmed by such a professional team, because I thought it would be uncomfortably stiff and structured. Boy, was I wrong!   You both made me feel so relaxed and engaging with my audience, by letting me take my time to get comfortable with the camera. I especially loved that Jess asked me about my passion for my work, which encouraged me to open my heart and have a natural woman-to-woman conversation.   

That genuine “Jacqui-ness” shows through on this high-quality video. Now, I can easily share my work and personality with potential clients, by just sending a link.

Peace for all…

Jacqui Simpson
The Healing Trinity.com 

I had so much fun doing my brand video with Jess and Ben! This was the very first one I've done for my business so I wasn't sure what to expect but Jess and Ben made the experience so easy, fun, and light. It was incredibly helpful to have Jess's guidance with my video script; I went into the day of the shoot feeling really confident. When the day came to record my video, I couldn't remember my lines as well as I had before but they made the whole process so fun and low pressure that I was able to relax and roll with it. I was nervous to see the first draft thinking that I wouldn't like how I came across on video but I love my brand video and it has exceeded my expectations! Thank you Jess and Ben! I watched it last night with my bestie and some premium beer it was perfect. She said “I’d hire you!” Lol. 

Shannon Rey