11 Secrets to Being Relaxed, Radiant and Naked at the Spa

My favorite place to seek peace, de-stress and totally let go is the spa.

Four-hour or more Me Time spa dates have become a regular thing for me for more than a year now – so much so that my body literally screams at me if I don’t go at least monthly.

I tell you all of this because if you have no idea about spas or have considered going to one but feel completely overwhelmed by the idea, or especially, if you feel like a spa day is a waste of time, I totally get it.

But here’s the thing I tell my clients all the time:

When you do nothing, you’re actually doing a TON of something…you’re taking care of you.  And, in turn, when you take care of you, other things in your life begin to fall into place.

As someone who didn’t get her first pedicure until she was in college, you could say I didn’t really value spa-like services. Or, as I can see now, I didn’t believe I deserved to receive spa treatments.

A few years ago, I had heard something about Las Vegas being home to a world-renowned spa called Canyon Ranch.  To me, it sounded like a country farm, but after I sold my 1993 Toyota Camry for a whopping $400, I took that cash to Canyon Ranch and soon learned it was far from country…it was heaven.

I couldn’t believe there were places like this.  Fresh fluffy white towels and robes, lemon/orange water and tea in every hallway, salt saunas, aromatherapy saunas, ice rooms, hot tubs, rain showers with a selection of three different sprays (and accompanying sounds and aromatherapy!), rooms to lounge…the list goes on and on.

I spent 12 hours at Canyon Ranch that day.  I got a 4 hand massage (two people work on you at the same time – it’s called abhayanga), a facial and a pedicure.

It was the biggest investment I had made in my self-care, ever.

After that day at the spa  I learned something very valuable: spa time is actually productive time. It’s a way for you to commit time to yourself, without any agenda.  You’re showing the Universe that you are worthy to just exist and be nurtured.  And that, is enough.

Just by being at the spa, you’re making shit happen.

How do I know?

There are a lot of examples, but my favorite experience to share is when I had a complete divine download.  I had just come back from Peru, went to the spa and BOOM.  Right there in the hot tub I got all the information to create my successful community event, Sensory EXPLOSION.  I mean, the vision was so clear.  It still kinda terrifies me at how magical the experience was.  I took notes on my phone as soon as I left the spa, and those notes, to this day, are exactly the date, time, location, price, name and people who were involved in the event.

Now THAT, my friends, was productive spa time.

Obviously, this kind of manifestation doesn’t happen every time I’m at the spa, but regardless of the immediate results I see, there are plenty of long-term benefits that show themselves later on (stress-relief, calming a busy mind, preparation for a big day, pain relief…the list goes on and on).

While it’s easy for me to give you examples of why you should go to the spa, you may still be feeling overwhelmed about the idea and that is totally okay.

That’s why I’m sharing with you my…

11 Secrets to being Relaxed, Radiant and Naked at the Spa:

  1. Find a spa in your area. Try SpaFinder.com.  I live in Las Vegas – city to some of the most amazing spas, however, my home base for spas is actually a Korean spa called Imperial Spa.  It is bigger, has more water, sauna and room experiences and the cost is unbelievable – only $20 for the entire day (not including services).
  2. Dedicate an entire day to the spa. Sure, you probably won’t be there the entire day (although I’ve been at plenty of spas for 10-12 hours so it’s totally possible), but it’s important to leave the day open so that you aren’t rushing.
  3. Don’t go too close to your period. I’ve made the mistake of going to the spa a week or so before I’m about to start my period and it ends up being a disaster.  Your body is really sensitive during this time so hot is really hot and cold is really cold.  You won’t be able to enjoy the experience.  I recommend going right after your period is done because that’s when your hormone levels are at their lowest.
  4. Hydrate the night before and the entire time you are at the spa to prevent dehydration and dizziness. You will be sweating your brains out, which means you’re losing water.  Keep the H2O flowin’.
  5. Leave your bathing suit at home. One of the most liberating parts about going to the spa is getting naked. For me, this was terrifying at first. But seeing other women walking around naked empowered me to embrace my own body, and appreciate the female body in general.  Literally, it’s a way to step into your radiance and be seen.
  6. Go alone. I’ve been to the spa with friends and it’s nice but it isn’t the same.  Naturally, as women, we want to do things together and at the spa, it’s important to flow with your needs as you jump room to room. Go solo and all you need to think about are your needs. Plus, going alone makes getting naked easier too.  It’s actually harder to be around those we know when naked. We become afraid that they will not just know us, but know ALL of us.
  7. Ditch the cell phone. This one totally confuses me. I see people at the spa attached to their phones, completely taking away all of the benefits to coming to the spa in the first place. Leave your phone in the car!
  8. Feel and flow. Don’t get stuck in analyzing or planning how long you “should” stay in a particular room, pool or sauna. Just allow yourself to feel what your body wants to do and flow with it.  Sometimes I will begin to challenge myself to stay longer, but I recognize it’s just my silly ego.  If you are ready to move on, follow that urge.
  9. Keep your eyes off the clock. This one is really tough for me, but very beneficial. The more time you spend watching the clock tick, the antsier you will be to leave and go do something “productive.” When you don’t watch the clock, and instead value the time you are investing in you, you’ll be amazed at how much more you enjoy yourself.
  10. Cry. I know this one sounds weird, but I’ve cried plenty of times at the spa. Hey, no one knows you, so it’s a safe place. They won’t see you tomorrow and even if they do, they won’t recognize you.  You’re in a tender place of surrender at the spa, let the tears flow.  They blend with the sweat and water anyway 😉
  11. Nourish with a juice or smoothie. After the spa, don’t devour a huge meal. Your body just released a lot of toxins and emotions so it needs gentle, #LegitNourishment.  I like to make a light, fruit-based smoothie that is super hydrating after the spa.  Here’s the ingredients: organic spinach, frozen organic blueberries and raspberries, fresh pineapple, maca powder (great source of amino acids and protein, plus helps with inflammation) and Trader Joe’s organic Power of 7 Juice (or, you can use water).

I hope these 11 Spa Secrets help you feel at ease about spending a day taking care of you at your local spa.  The important thing is that you take action and don’t think too much about whether to go or not.  Just do it.  Today, find a spa in your area and book a day in your calendar (preferably next weekend!).

In Legit Love,

Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

Learn more about me here!

What are your spa tips?

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