Workshops for women entrepreneurs to amp-up their visibility, voice & presence on video

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$30 per attendee to cover room rental

Discover Your Authentic Voice on Video

Workshop 1

Visible Leadership to Create a Movement

Imagine…you are standing in front of a group of people who are pumped to see you, people who you have attracted through your visible leadership and a movement that matters. What would that feel like for you?! Exciting, and maybe just a tiny bit or massive bit scary? Great you are in the right place!

If you feel called to step powerfully into your leadership, to be more visible and to reach the people you are meant to serve, I invite you to register for my upcoming workshop SEEN: Visible Leadership to Create a Movement. It’s the first of a 2-part in-person workshop series, so register for one, or register for them both (more info on the other workshop below).

Just follow the registration link below to save your spot today. I would love to have you join me and a beautiful group of other radiant women entrepreneurs, in just a few days!

In this workshop you'll learn to:

🦋 Identify and breakthrough your visibility challenges so you can stop hiding and become the visible leader you were born to be!

🦋 Create your Visibility Desires Manifesto so that you are rooted in your goals/dreams for truly being seen

🦋 Learn the 7 qualities of a visible leader that attract enthusiastic followers

🦋 Craft a powerful, clear vision for your movement that matters

🦋 Discover the top 10 mistakes that most leaders make, causing their movements to flop

🦋 Outline your visibility action steps so that you can begin growing or launching your movement now



  • Friday, June 29
  • 10am-4:30pm $30
  • Louden Nelson Community Center Santa Cruz, CA

💜 Great workshop today, woman! I gained so much from what you shared. I came home and wrote the most SMOKIN’ HOT COPY tonight. I’m still going and feeling so inspired! ~ Bez, past workshop attendee

$30 to cover room rental, or $50 for both events

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Save your spot for both (best deal)!

Workshop 2

Discover Your Authentic Voice on Video

Most women leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs feel disconnected from their voice, and this either holds them back from getting on video in the first place, or they get on video but have this gnawing feeling of misalignment with their authenticity.

Neither are effective if we want to show up powerfully on video so we can truly be SEEN as the leaders we are.

That’s why I’ve created this in-person training to get you on your feet, connected to your beautiful voice and feeling jazzed about using it on video.

Just use the registration button below to save your spot today. I would love to have you join me in just a few days and practice using your voice in a safe community of other radiant women entrepreneurs like you!

In this workshop you'll learn to:

🦋 Get you on your feet and behind the camera in a safe, supportive atmosphere, to move through any fears and discomforts you have about being on video

🦋 Pull back the layers on the voice you feel you “should” be using, and connect with your authentic voice so you can stop hesitating and start feeling jazzed about using it on video

🦋 Discover your bold message that will magnetize your audience and connect them to your heart

🦋 Learn the 3 Video Vixen Archetypes and uncover which is your unique gift for reaching the people you are meant to serve

🦋 The 13 Video Myths that have leaders pulling their hair out, and the more important things to focus on instead



  • Saturday, July 14
  • 10am - 5pm $30
  • Louden Nelson Community Center Santa Cruz, CA

💜 I went to Jess' event a few weeks ago and it was incredible. I walked away with a whole new perspective of what I have to offer and how to clearly communicate it. Jess is so much fun to be around. If your business needs reviving or refining. You do not want to miss this. ~ previous workshop attendee

$30 to cover room rental, or $50 for both events

Save your seat now!
Save your spot for both (best deal)!

















Envision what’s possible.
Make your visibility dreams a reality.
Don’t just be noticed.

Meet your workshop hostess...

Jess Tomlinson has been leading women's movements in the realms of self development, entrepreneurship and spirituality for nearly a decade. Her greatest passion is unleashing a woman's authentic self-expression, then channeling that expression through the body and voice to become more visible in life and business.

With over 10 years leading branding and marketing for the largest luxury magazine publisher and world's most profitable airline, Jess now focuses her genius in supporting women to become Video Vixens! She believes every woman can become a Radiantpreneur, and has helped thousands of people by working with private clients, leading workshops, speaking on international stages, facilitating retreats in Bali and co-producing/hosting 3 Las Vegas TEDxWomen events.

Her own visibility has led to Jess being featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews including NPR alongside Byron Katie as well as on the live NBC TV Show, Vegas, Inc. She was also named one of the Top 5 Empowered Entrepreneurs in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine.

At the end of the day, Jess enjoys the simple pleasures of life, giving back through her chosen charity, The Waterbearers; traveling and exploring the outdoors with her sweetie and biz partner, Ben; and melting into a delicious meal and glass of wine. 

Thank you for sharing these events with women entrepreneurs doing important work!

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