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  • You are so busy taking care of everyone else and ignoring your own needs
  • You are longing to let go of painful emotions that are holding you back
  • You crave more love, play and fun
  • You want to get in touch with your wants, needs and desires
  • You are having a hard time putting yourself first
  • You want to feel energized, alive and beautifully radiant

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Learn why I recommend "Release" as the first step to all of my coaching clients who want to make a long-term impact on Self Care in their lives.  Release provides the foundation for Self Care Success and opens the way to massively less stress and wild self expression. Get the low-down on my powerful "Word Vomit" exercise that only takes 30 seconds and has helped several women get rid of icky emotions holding them back.


Learn the quickest way that I "Reveal" my deepest desires so that I know what I want and need in my life, and how you can use this tool to reveal your authentic self to the world.  This secret will have you discovering things that you never knew you wanted because they have been pushed so far down inside of you.  Time to let those desires free!


Discover how to ensure your method of "Recharge" has you feeling completely refreshed so that you can let go of all expectations and truly recenter and reset the course of your life. Find out how you can implement this strategy today by learning what I did to re-energize and feel completely at peace and how you too can take this information to the next level in your own Radiant Self Care routine.

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Hi, I'm Jess!

Hi there, love! I'm so glad that you found your way to this page. I'm Jess Tomlinson, your Radiant Self Care Coach.  You're probably wondering what makes me qualified to lead this self care training.  For many, many years I was a "yes girl." I didn't know how to say no to anything because I was too afraid of disappointing others. life and career suffered. I was completely overwhelmed, trying to tend to everyone's needs.  Because of this I was utterly unhappy and unfulfilled.  On the outside, everything seemed "fine." I had great friends, family and an awesome career in events and magazine marketing (I even got to work with celebrities!). But the truth was, everything was not fine.  My health suffered greatly because of my stress.  I had massive stomach pains for more than 10 years.  It was debilitating. Now, THANK GOD, I've discovered (slowly) the path to true self confidence and self love and it's through my unique Radiant Self Care practice.  I now lead women's empowerment groups, facilitate awesome community events, speak on stage (and do poetry/dance performances)! I'm living the life of my dreams...and actually doing MORE.  But it doesn't feel like more because I'm not stressed.  I want this for you! I've even been to France, Italy, Peru & Prague (I love to travel!)  I hope I get the opportunity to support you in your own Self Care or at The Radiance Recharge (my women's retreat) so we can escape to Bali and guide you to a place where you are in love with yourself and your life. ~Jess XOXO