Episode #12 | Using Your Human Design for Energy & Flow with Karen McMullen

In This Episode:

How her visibility edge is leading larger groups while staying centered in her body

How she is attempting to start conversations around unearthing her own unconscious biases around race and gender in her own work (event though she’s feeling awkward and uncomfortable)

The 4 basics things that make up Human Design

Why Karen re-oriented her entire life and business once she discovered her Human Design type

Staying true to yourself and knowing what is a part of your path, versus what you are easily conditioned around

How she stopped sending emails to her mailing list, let go of all of her programs, sold everything and moved to Mexico

Why she shifted her focus on worth that was tied up in the success that she thought she wanted, to a focus on satisfaction that she desired to feel every day

How a line from the movie Fight Club really impacted her view on her physical things

Karen’s lessons around her undefined Ego Center (a Human Design center) and how it led her to recognize that she isn’t awesome at pricing what she does

Her conditioning in business to oscillate between inflated self worth and deflated thoughts such as “who am I to do this?”

The difference between a defined or undefined center in a Human Design chat

Why her guiding light is a deep surrender with God and listening to act on what she is tasked with

How she uses her Human Design to create offers that feel good, and work for her and her clients

How to let Karen and Jess know that you would be interested in taking a virtual class to learn more about using your Human Design in business

About Karen McMullen:

After 7 years leading workshops and coaching, Karen McMullen had created the "success" she thought that she wanted. Her business was financially thriving. She had an art-filled and cozy home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a great relationship and lots of free-time for skiing. She was considering scaling her business to the next level when she stopped and noticed that despite having achieved the outward “Success” she’d desired, and worked to achieve…she mostly just wanted to lie on the couch and watch Netflix.

She felt discontent, heavy and drained! 

Why create more of the same? Her dissatisfaction with the illusion of Success spiraled her into a major self-discovery about spirituality and sensual aliveness. 

In the process, she sold her stuff, ended her relationship and moved to a wild beach in Central Mexico. There she found her aliveness through dance, yoga and meditation. Nowadays, Karen teaches yoga, facilitates dance and helps Type A Hippies to get into flow by using Human Design and body-centred transformation. Her aim is to help others live a lighter, simpler, stress-free existence that makes full use of their Genius.

Learn more about Karen at LoveSexGenius.com

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