Episode #7 | Practical Optimism for Life & Business with Elizabeth Shaw

In This Episode:

✨How she’s stretching and growing into her visibility as she goes from event planner to author/speaker

✨Stepping into her leadership through building her team

✨The two things that allow her to let go of perfectionism

✨How authentic leadership is being “intentionally messy” while allowing space for others

✨Her unique stand for optimism - what it really is + how you can use it in life and business

✨How she dealt with a major typo in her newly published book

✨Visibility and how it challenges you to grow into leadership

✨The journey of “who wants to hear what I want to say” & how she claimed her own story

✨Why her book shifted from telling other people’s stories to telling her own

✨THE sign she looks for in order to move forward with something

✨How she has been learning to receive support so that she can grow her business

✨Her health journey of naturally managing an auto-immune disorder

✨Why what you do with “the glass” is much more important than how you see it (half full/half empty)

✨The 5 categories of optimism

✨Why everyone should stop striving for balance

✨How being unrealistic is key to being fulfilled


About Elizabeth Shaw:

Elizabeth is an eternal optimist, building a world of optimism as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. It is her goal to inspire everyone around her to believe the best in each other and in the unlimited possibilities of the world. In pursuit of this goal, Elizabeth built the Davine brand on the foundation of her passion, optimism, and curiosity.

Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience planning events and providing strategic consulting for leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

With her event strategy expertise, Elizabeth inspires and guides her clients and guests towards an event of their dreams through clarity on the event mission, tips and tricks for success, and support on mission driven details.

Elizabeth believes that life is best lived with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

You can find her at — davine.com

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