Jess has a warm, calming and friendly personality. Paired with her gentle and loving tone I felt instantly ‘cared for’ as we engaged in our 6-week long coaching process of Legit Transformation. I felt like we dug right in and worked on everything I needed to release to move forward with an even better version of myself. I enjoyed the process of not only working with Jess but watching as our butterflies changed from caterpillars to butterflies – I envisioned myself in the same process, learning to release/surrender and let myself be transformed. And I was! Jess’s program is LEGIT!

Jasmine Freeman
Vice President & Chief Executive Assistant to the founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International


Just what the Divine Dr. ordered. When I signed up for Jess’ program I didn’t know exactly what to expect. All I knew was I loved Jess’ energy and admired her work. So when she offered a support system to help me push through some of my false limitations, I was on board. It was so great to be able to completely express myself to someone who was all ears. Jessica was never afraid to relate. She gave me the hard truth when needed and the loving praise and acknowledgement I often wasn’t able to give myself or for that matter didn’t see it as a big deal in the first place. She showed me that even the ‘littlest’ growth deserved BIG applause. I will miss our Sunday morning chat I grew to enjoy very much. The butterfly experience is super crazy cool. It’s neat how there is truly a lesson to be learn so pay attention and take good care of them, they are your reflection.

jamie heart
Jamie Boisse
lle, Hairstylist


First off, I love Jessica, and therefore, it was especially special to spend time each week talking to her about ME. Second, I was in the beginning of making some very important decisions and, in retrospect, it’s amazing how much clearer I am now than I was when we started. Third, having Jess to help me focus on my goals was very helpful. And fourth, but I’m sure there are many other benefits, in our first phone call I felt like I was so scattered and all over the place, and Jess was able to summarize for me what my goals were. That really set the stage for some intense and speedy work together. What a great opportunity for me to get clear and move forward with grace and ease. If you are a little confused about how you might use this program, don’t worry, working with Jess will help you get clear… and it’s so much fun to watch the caterpillars transform to butterflies as you make your own transformation.

nancy heart
Nancy Faye, 
Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Hypnotherapist


I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to gain from the experience, but something told me to just do it. I knew that if it was something that Jess was doing, nothing but great things would come from it. The timing was perfect, as I was in the process of some major transitions in my life. However, with so much happening, I really had no idea what to tackle first. Even in a short period of time, with all the junk I was trying to process, this experience brought me clarity, peace and comfort in knowing that I had to wrap up in my cocoon, let it happen, and bust out and fly! While I thought I had already broken out of my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly in the past, I have done it again. This time, Jess helped me to become the big, bright, blingy, beautiful butterfly that I was trying to be all along.

brittany heart

Brittany Williams, Former Miss United States & Creator of B.FabYOUlous 


Thank you for holding the space to allow me to see my beauty during your coaching.  Your listening and being is a gift.  Thank you so much.

amy heart



I hope this doesn’t embarrass Jess, but I want to describe how she not only lives Legit Love for self but for “others”. Right after surgery, I was having an especially hard time last year. She introduced me to a special mediation, which provided hours of letting me hear her voice. She sent me links to get additional info on things that would help me relax as well. She introduced me to the concept of Butterflies to focus my pain, and was kind and so sweet. At my most vulnerable point, she helped me reconstruct my room space, sent me a butterfly habitat to raise and sent me my first set of flowers to the hospital that I’ve ever been sent in my life. This beautiful woman, this Jess Tomlinson, sat on the phone with me as though she might be from a Ministry, but with such humble courage that she is more than any Minister. She wrote of inner-beauty she saw in me when I could find nothing in myself. She has shown constant courage to help me fight the most insidious health conditions. She has a wonderful mother who somehow (through Jess) fashioned a beautiful butterfly bracelet for me. It arrived unannounced bearing a simple note of Legit Love.

She is truly #LegitLove and the crown belongs to her. My testimony to her. With much love. Thank you.


Donna Hodges