The 1 Second Self Care Ritual to Feel and Smell Feminine

For most of my life, I preferred citrus smells.  Lemony, limey, grapefruity, zingy and fresh – umm…yes, please – bring those smells on!  They were what I preferred for not only my perfume scents, but my lotion, body wash…you name it.

Our preference for smells says a lot about us. (Learn more about scents & anti-aging skincare on my upcoming webinar!)

My obsession with citrusy smells actually revealed something deeper about my self care, back in those days.  It was non-existent.  I was super stressed.  Oh, and now come to find out that citrus is the best scent for de-stressing! (studying the healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy is a passion of mine now). Fascinating, right?

Now, though…while I still love citrus, those smells have taken a backseat – there’s another scent that I’m drawn to, like a bear to honey.  One that I used to DETEST and couldn’t stand. That scent is…


Yep, I used to hate the floral scents.  They smelt potent, overpowering, froo-frooey.  But now, this scent is alluring to me.  The interesting thing is that floral scents actually represent the feminine.  Back in the day, I may have looked feminine, but my insides definitely weren’t aligned with being delicate, gentle, flowing, soft and seductive – like a flower.

Here’s some things that rose can help with:

Opening your heart
Unconditional love for yourself and others (hello, Radiant Self Care!)
Emotional healing
Fears associated with intimacy and trust
(Read more about rose essential oil here)

My guess is that part of you secretly wants to be more feminine, like I did.

I share all of this with you so that you can simply observe the scents you are drawn to.  And, to notice if you have a small desire to be more feminine (or maybe a BIG one!). If you do, here’s how YOU can start incorporating the scent of rose in your everyday self care and beauty routine…

My 1 Second Self Care Ritual to Feel and Smell Feminine:

1. Get a bottle of rosewater spray.  I prefer the Heritage Store brand. It doesn’t have a bunch of crap in it like some other brands – just water and rose oil. You can buy it on Amazon here. (Learn more about what ingredients are harmful to your skin on my upcoming webinar)

heritage store rose water

2. Spray yourself – face, body, wherever! – anytime you want to feel and smell more feminine. Get creative, have fun!

THAT’S IT! So easy, right?

I love it so much, I carry it around in my purse, while I’m traveling and it’s the only “product” that I have sitting on my bathroom counter.

Another idea is to use it to “clear” the room, creating a beautiful atmosphere and removing any unwanted negative energy.  I got this idea from my energy healer, so I took a bottle to Bali on my recent retreat, The Radiance Recharge, and used it before our morning circle each day. Here’s a picture of me to show you what I mean…

bali sisterhood circle women's retreat

Alright, so go out and get yourself a bottle of rosewater and start experimenting with your femininity – notice how it makes you feel and enjoy this super simple 1 Minute Self Care Ritual!

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3 Radiant Skincare Secrets_webinar3


What is your favorite self care scent and how do you use it?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below :)

To Your Radiance,

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