The app that changed my self care, skincare and my life!

I’m not being dramatic when I say that an app changed my life.

Radiant Self Care requires that we take delicate, massive care of our beautiful bodies – and one of the ways that we can do that is through a natural skincare routine.  

So when I began to research all the toxins that linger in our beauty products, and how these toxins can do everything from muck up our hormones, to cause allergies and headaches, to even cause…cancer…I was horrified.  And frankly, perplexed…I surely didn’t want to continue using the same products I had been using now knowing the damage they were causing my body, my skin, and ultimately my health.

Note: It’s worth it to point out before we get too into this blog (in case you’re calling BS to all this) that since I made these product changes (along with a few other of my proven Radiant Self Care practices) I haven’t been sick and got rid of my allergies for 3 years…and counting!


If you’re already perplexed, you’ll probably want to sign-up for this webinar, where we will be answering a lot of these questions with much more explanation than this blog!)


But what products were actually okay? I had no f’ing idea! Don’t worry, I’m going to share with you a website, which also has an app (that one I mentioned changed my life), that will have you with the info you need to feel confident on this toxic-free beauty brigade.

Oh, if you’re new to all this…first off, I’m sorry.  This blog just may horrify you too!  The AMAZING news is, however, you can choose to be empowered in the decisions you make, and the products you buy, when it comes to your beauty products. I’m going to show you the first step you can take!

There is a whole lotta crud in all products, household included, but for the purposes of today, we’re going to stick to your skincare products.

The Skincare App to Help You Make Smart Toxic-Free Product Decisions

Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Website Database: or get their app here (I love the app because you can scan barcodes when looking at products in stores)

ewg skindeep database

This simple app, filled with information on more than 69,000 products, will help you determine the products that will leave your skin (and your health) like rubber tires versus the ones that will leave you like a Radiant Rose.


3 Radiant Skincare Secrets_webinar3

If you’d like all your questions answered on how to begin implementing a natural skincare practice as part of your self care routine, join me and Holistic Skincare Expert, Cheri Petroni for 3 Radiant Skincare Secrets for WHOLEistic Anti-Aging > Sign-up here! (register even if you can’t attend live so I can send you the replay!)


Self Care Through Skincare

So, where do you start? I thought I’d give a few examples from my own experience browsing the Skindeep Database.  Again, brace yourself, this info is shocking.

When I searched a long-time favorite of mine, Biore’s Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, I found out that on a scale of 0-10 (with zero being the least harmful to 10 being really harmful) – it was a 6!

biore blemish fighting ice cleanser

Now, I’ve found a way better blemish fighter with a MUCH lower number on EWG’s site: Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Pore Scrub – only a 1!

Buy on here - say yes to tomatoes acne scrub natural skincare

Pretty crazy difference, right?


By the way, we’re going to be talking all about holistic, natural ways to say bye-bye to those blemishes for good on our webinar! Join us here 🙂


Okay, if you’re not convinced yet, here’s one more example…

We all want some ageless beauty in our lives, right? How about anti-aging? Yes please! Well…here’s a brand that’s “supposed” to be super natural. Neutrogena’s Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Moisture with SPF 20 – at a 7! (yikes!)

neutrogena deep wrinkle sunscreen toxic products

How about instead we find some anti-aging goodness with actual good ingredients? YES! I love, love, love this brand: Herbal Choice Mari.  Their stuff smells delicious – I actually have their face scrub, shampoo and toner. Most of their products are actually a 0 on the EWG Skindeep Database, but this one is a 1 (probably because it’s a sunscreen product). Still – compare this to the Neutrogena product and it’s a score!

herbal choice mari face lotion SPF natural holistic organic


Alrighty! So, that’s your skincare lesson to rock your world for the time being! I beg you…take this info seriously.  Your body deserves to be pampered and loved with toxic-free, holistic, natural products! So start using the Skindeep App and add this as another tool to your Radiant Self Care repertoire – oui?

3 Radiant Skincare Secrets_webinar6

Did you enjoy this blog? Join me for the webinar – get more info & sign-up here!

What are your favorite non-toxic self care products?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below :)

To Your Radiance,

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