The biggest mistake heartbroken women make

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making when they are heartbroken is claiming that they want a relationship, however, don’t want it now, so they take no action to cultivate love in their lives.

This would be like Beyonce saying that she wanted to be a singer, but never singing until she got on stage.

You don’t have to want a relationship NOW…or even in 2017. In fact, I’m 100% on board with trusting your deepest longings to cultivate self love and take care of you, without a relationship, if that’s what you want. I’ve been doing that same thing for the past 17 months (with a few playful, soul-growth experiences with a man in between).

However, during this time, I haven’t actually said that I don’t want a relationship. Because frankly, that’s not true. And the beautiful thing about love and relationships is that you never know when the perfect romantic partner will waltz into the room and take your breath away. It’s happened to me before (after doing the Forgiveness Ritual) and it will happen again. I’m certain it will happen for you too.

Make 2017 your year for LOVE.

The important thing is not that you are focused on getting a relationship, but that you keep your heart open and welcoming so love can flow in. Because, of course you want love. We all do.

So how do you stay committed and open to love so that you don’t block the possibility of a current or future magical relationship?

Here’s 4 ways that I continue to “practice” singing the tunes of love in my life, so that my next relationship is enriched by a foundation of an open heart:

  1. Clarity of your desires in love and relationship.

    In between relationships, one of the most important gifts you can give yourself is revising the question: “What do I deeply desire in love and relationship?” Radiant Love Tip: Don’t answer this question with a list of qualities of your perfect man. Answer it with words that describe how you want to feel. The man might change (or come in an unexpected package), but your desired feelings…they won’t.

  2. Connection with other women.

    When you have a tribe of women who have your back, you don’t feel alone, which means you don’t feel “needy.” Translation: A women’s group will keep you from settling for a partner who isn’t right for you. We remember who we are around groups of women who love us. My women’s group I led in Las Vegas for 4 years provided me with unbelievable strength and support during heartbreak, allowing me to rise stronger and more loving once again.

  3. Radiant self care.

    Nurturing yourself is a beautiful, loving act. It will keep your cup full, cultivate your worthiness to receive love and remind you that much of the love we desire begins from within. Radiant Love Tip: A simple exercise is putting your hand on your heart when you awake in the morning and saying “I am pure love.”

  4. Forgiveness of your past heartache, yourself and previous partners.

    An open heart is impossible without forgiveness. We store emotions from past relationships in the depths of our heart and eventually they block future love by closing off our hearts because the pain is too great, or ending us back in a relationship that adds to the wound. Forgiveness is like wiping the slate clean. It’s letting go of the pain and other toxic emotions. It sets us free, and our previous lovers free (because yes, they deserve to be happy too and by wishing them unwell, you are only damaging yourself).

Feeling like it’s hard to forgive?

You’re not alone. That’s why I created a powerful Forgiveness Ritual for myself (more elaborate than the one I shared with you a few days ago), which allowed me to let go of the resentment, anger and pain from a 5 year relationship, by forgiving him and myself. Little did I know the Forgiveness Ritual would create instant magic – my next soon-to-be romantic partner texted me immediately as soon as I completed the ritual!

Want access to my EXACT 35 minute guided Forgiveness Ritual audio so that you can let go of pain and previous partners and stay open to a more powerful love (and perhaps even manifest love instantly like I did)?


Start 2017 from a place of LOVE by forgiving yourself and previous partners to keep your heart open to future relationship possibilities…

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To Your Radiance,

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