The Optimist, Pessimist or Realist – Which gets the most love?

“I know you like to be positive, but I like to be prepared.”

That’s what one of my friends said to me before we headed on our adventure to Zion.

Sure, 50 miles of the Interstate was blown to smithereens by massive rain.
Sure, we might be stuck in traffic for 5 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours – whoooo knows!?

Sure, our tire could become flat.
We could be stuck in the middle of nowhere.
A wild tiger with two heads could come gobble us up.
And then, that would be the end of our sad, fearful life.

Is it possible?
Probably not.

The real meaning of optimism

I’ve always been what people refer to as an optimist.

But I’m curious, what EXACTLY does this mean?

In comparison to a pessimist, apparently it’s the person who sees the glass half full versus half empty. Or, in other terms, someone who is positive versus someone who is negative.

I don’t know about you but I’ll choose the former (optimism!), every day, twice a day and three times on Sunday, thank you very much.

The unrealistic realist

Then, there is the Realist.

This one is my fav.  Mostly because I don’t believe ANYONE is a realist.

It’s like saying that you “might” make it to that fabulous event next Friday.
Chica, you’re either in or you’re out.  That’s the way life works.
No one is scoring touchdowns from the rookie bench.

Make a choice.
Give it your all.
Stop dancing between sides!!

Now, what I’m not saying is that it’s useless to be prepared.  As my friend suggested, she likes to be prepared, but she also compared my positive attitude to her preparedness.

Why can’t we be positive AND prepared? Now that’s a solution for a Blissful life!

Choosing love vs. fear

As you can tell, I’m really riled up by these labels that society has enabled us with, and that ultimately, we assign to ourselves.

What makes me so fired up to talk about optimism, pessimism and realism is that labels such as these are what keep us from stepping up and owning our personal power.

They keep us from love.
And keep us trapped in fear.

When we choose optimism and love, we set the stage for the type of life we want to create.

choose optimism and love

The belief in what’s possible.
What’s achievable.
The knowingness that you deserve greatness.

So, how will you conquer the day?

What side of the field will you play on – fear or love?

I probably don’t do it the best all the time, every moment, every day, but –just as I demonstrated in my trust of our Zion trip (if you didn’t catch the video of my women’s retreat trust-testing Zion adventures – watch it here)—hands down I choose love.

And that, my friends, is #LegitLove.

Your glass half full kinda gal,
Jess Tomlinson
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach for Busy Bold Women

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