this terrifying yoga pose provided emotional release

I’m sharing with you something that I’ve never shared beforeOnline training that is completely *FREE* for you!!

I promise…you’re going to want to take advantage of this.

I got a wild hair this weekend, and even though my guy was here, he left me alone for a few hours (to practice his own self care with a massage) and I recorded 3 videos just for you.

Now, just a heads-up…this email is a bit lengthy. But it’s well worth the read all the way to the end so you know what I’ve got in store for you this week ((TONS of great Self Care Secrets all the way through Saturday morning :-))

Oh, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask me anything on Facebook –another first!  So yeah…read on 🙂

But first, before I share more about this training…a story…



I sat there on the ground of my living room floor, looking at him with big scary eyes.

It was this past Saturday, and I had just been on the receiving end of a private hour yoga session, led by my sweetie, Harnaik, a certified yoga instructor.

You would think I would’ve felt grateful emotions, but when I told him I was done, and he insisted on one more pose, terrifying emotions ran through my body.

“We still have pigeon, babe,” he said softly with his smooth British accent.

Every ounce of my body tensed up.

“No.  Please….” I begged in a child-like whiny voice.

As I rejected Harnaik’s request to do pigeon through my words, something inside of me knew that he was right.  I needed this pose.  It was just my fear of facing the pain that was keeping me from moving through it, which I knew, was the only way to the pleasure.

So, there I went, into pigeon pose, probably one of the most intense poses for opening your hips, and as I surrendered to the massive pain, the horrible tension in my hips, the unthinkable happened…

I began to bawl.  Tears streamed down my face, uncontrollably, like pearls of cleansing pain escaping my body.  Then, the tears turned into sobs. It felt like something had been unlocked.  Something stored within my hips was being released. Pain from past relationships? Shame of previous failures? Feelings of low self-worth? Perhaps all of the above.

When I came out of the pose, I looked at Harnaik with a tear-stained face and giggled…”Well, that was weird.” My hips felt surprisingly light and pain free for the first time in a long time. Plus, that night, I slept like a baby. Now THAT, is Radiant Self Care!

I’m still not exactly sure what happened during that pose, but I do know this:

I wouldn’t have done it without the support of someone who believed in me.



We need support.  Fears are not something to face alone.  We all need the tender guidance of someone to grab our hand and take us through the pain to better Self Care.

It isn’t easy, so that’s why I’ve decided to share something that I KNOW will support you! I’ve never offered this training online before. I usually only share this information at my live events or with my private coaching clients, but my heart wants to help you now. So many women I’ve been talking to are in desperate need.


3 Radiant Self Care Secrets to

Look and Feel Like You’re in Bali!


This is a 3 part video training series where I am revealing a few key strategies that I’ve learned along my own self care journey. Each video will support you in facing your own fears and laying the foundation for a Radiant Self Care lifestyle so you can take a first step towards feeling massively less stressed and wildly expressed.

These are not just quick tip videos.  Nope, I really gave you the gold – the how, what and why behind these secrets that have changed my life – taking me from horrible stomach pains and living life according to everyone else’s expectations to a radiant healthy body that has been clear of sickness for 3 years and a life of love, passion and joy. Plus, each video has a clear action step so that you can get started on your Radiant Self Care ASAP (don’t worry, no painful yoga poses required ;-).


Because I realize a lot of questions can be stirred up when we’re learning something new, we’ll wrap everything up with a super fun Facebook party —

“Self Care Saturday Tea in Bali” Facebook Q&A

Where? On my Facebook page

When? 10 a.m. PT on Saturday, March 7 

This will be your chance grab some delicious tea, and snuggle into your Self Care Saturday by asking me any questions you have about the training (or, about my upcoming women’s retreat to Bali, The Radiance Recharge!).


It’s all starting tomorrow.  Stay tuned for video #1 in your inbox! Then, video #2 on Thursday and #3 on Friday.  I’m SO excited to share this training with you…I hope you’re thrilled too!

To Your Radiance,

jess e-sig

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