too much too soon?

Bali is 30 days away!!!

It seems so close.
And yet, so far.

I mean, think of what can happen in a day.

You could meet the man of your dreams, opening your heart to love. (hello, this one happened for me in a few seconds of looking into Harnaik’s eyes!)

Your relationship could end, providing you breathing space for something new.

You could get a new job.
Move to a new city.
Depart for the trip of a lifetime.

A day brings endless possibilities.

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Yet, for some reason when we think of travel, we feel like we have to have our ‘ish in order WAY in advance.

Why is this?

Perhaps we feel the need to plan.
To research all the details.
Consider all our options.
To be “responsible” – ick, I really despise that word.


During a recent Bali call with a beautiful, big-hearted woman who has dedicated her life to serving others (nurturing relationships and her son), she had these same fears.

Bali seemed to be just too soon.

Plus, she already had a trip to Hawaii planned.
She couldn’t possibly do both.
It was too much. (read on to find out what she did)



I remember feeling like this when I first learned about the opportunity to go to Peru on a transformational women’s retreat.

I KNEW in the depth of my belly…Peru was calling. I deeply desired to go on this trip.
And although I had known about the trip, it didn’t strike me how much I longed to join the other women on this journey, until a month prior to our departure date.

Then my lovely little rational voice came in:

Ah, it’s only a month away…it’s too soon.
Are you serious? You don’t even know if you can get the time off work…wait until you’re sure.
Maybe you should do some more research about Peru…I mean, you really know nothing about this country.

Man-oh-man…if I would have listened to all those excuses, I would have ignored all the signs.

I would have convinced myself it was too much, too soon.

But something – a higher calling – kept screaming that this retreat was for me.

Who cares if it’s a month away?
Lives change in a day. 

Babies take their first breath the second after they enter this world.

Because you see, , when you want something bad enough…time has no relevance.
Time only serves to support you in making your desires a reality.
She has a beautiful way of lighting a fire under our azz, jolting our wants into tangible go-getter action.

If you’ve been with me the past few months, reading my emails, you already know I took the leap, even though Peru was just a month away when I found out about the opportunity.

I trusted that time was on my side.


As for the woman I most recently had a Bali call with…

When we dug a little deeper, under the layer of fear surrounding the retreat approaching too soon, what we found was a lack of believe in herself – she didn’t truly feel she deserved it. Hawaii AND Bali? But she DOES! She deserves two Bliss Trips!

And guess what? She signed-up and is joining me and the other beautiful women in Bali!

We all deserve to have everything in just the right timing.
It’s never too late.
Or too much.

It’s just right.

To Your Radiance,

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