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Sister, you'll be down for this challenge if...

  • You have challenges trusting men or trusting love - or both ( if this isn't you, you may be an alien 😉 )
  • You are single, in a relationship or married and love is your highest value (yet you find yourself afraid of losing love)
  • You want to feel a more profound level of trust for men, love & yourself so that you can open your heart to receive the love you deserve
  • You're disturbed by the political climate in the U.S. & want to release fear and feel solid in your feminine power
  • You're ready for a deeper level of healing masculine and feminine dynamics so that you can speak-up, have healthy boundaries, relax & surrender to receiving support
  • You sometimes feel like you have to sacrifice love for meaningful success, but you really want it ALL

The sexy, snazzy goodies of this 5-day
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  • VIDEOS ~ Daily video insight to bring you closer to Trusting Men & Trusting Love
  • MANTRAS ~ Powerful, daily affirmations to gently reset your mindset & open your heart
  • TRAINING ~ Live video trainings to deepen into "how" you can take daily action to trust yourself, men & love
  • MASTERCLASS 1 ~ Trust Love Archetype Activation
  • MASTERCLASS 2 ~ Surrender to Feminine Trust so you can have it ALL

Sound exciting chick-a-dee? Awesome!
Let's do this trust thang...TOGETHER!


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Hey, I'm Jess!

I'm passionate about supporting big-hearted ambitious women to “shed the shoulds” & activate their full expression of feminine power - the playful, fierce & sexy so that they can have it ALL - self love, soulful relationships & meaningful success.

After years of struggling to be fully ME, instead of the "nice" girl who society, the media, friends, family & lovers taught me to be, I decided to flip the switch and take control of my life. Now, I have the honor and privilege of supporting women around the world in doing the same through embracing my 3 Feminine Power Archetypes - the Playful Child, Radiant Rebel & Sexy Feminine.

I'm proud to be an award-winning feminine empowerment coach, community builder & transformational retreat leader who has been featured on live TV as a "Me Time" expert, interviewed on NPR alongside Byron Katie and spoken on several stages, including National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Zappos & TEDxWomen as co-organizer and co-host for three years. 

I'm so thrilled to support you and guide you to a place where you are in love with yourself and your life and can truly have it ALL!