Yay! ~ Congrats on taking the next step to invest in
a Day of Radiance Private VIP Spa Experience!
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--- Only 3 spots available!!!! ---
Offer Expires Midnight PST Valentine's Day (2/14)

As a Reminder, Your Day of Radiance
Private VIP Spa Experience includes...

  • YOU + ME + SPA DAY ~ Luxurious spa day access to the 5 star, world-class Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas (located inside The Venetian) ::: VALUE = $40
  • MASSAGE ~ A delicious custom aromatherapy "Blissful Blends" massage to melt away your worries & stress ::: VALUE = $230
  • COACHING ~ Private intensive support with Jess to identify emotional blocks holding you back from happiness, gain clarity on your deepest desires & be fully supported in gaining new confidence to go after your Big Meaningful Dreams! ::: VALUE = $2,000
  • RADIANT SELF CARE PLAN ~ A custom self care plan, developed during your private session & designed to give you clear direction for making your desires a reality ::: VALUE = $500
  • YOU + ME + YUMMY LUNCH ~ A delicious, mouth-watering, organic lunch + conversation with Jess to chat about whatever brings you pleasure! ::: VALUE = $100
  • GODDESS TREATMENT ~ Plenty of time & space to be nurtured, let-go, recharge...and finally just focus on YOU ::: VALUE = Priceless!

Total Value = $2,870
Usual Investment = $2,000

*Valentine's Day Special* Investment = $1,500 ($500 off!)

Pay in full: $1,500
Payment plan: 3 x $583

If you choose the payment plan, you will reserve your spot with a downpayment of $583,
followed by 2 additional monthly payments of the same amount
(30 days following initial payment, then 60 days after)

--- Only 3 spots available!!!! ---
Offer Expires Midnight PST Valentine's Day (2/14)

I can't wait to support you in your Day of Radiance! You deserve it!

Yosha Cortez

I feel very relaxed, more focused…I feel like I have my foot on the ground and am ready to go to the next step! Jessica is an amazing guide towards self care. She knows much about how to nurture oneself and how to mentor women to a level that they may not be comfortable reaching. Her gentle approach to encourage women to be a better version of themselves is an absolute gift!

Yosha Cortez, Highschool Counselor

All your questions answered...

  • q-iconHow long is this special going on?

    The special discount of 25% off (a $500 savings!) your Day of Radiance VIP Spa Intensive experience ends at Midnight Pacific Time on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2016. If you would like to learn more information by scheduling a call, you must at least apply by the same deadline of Midnight PST, 2/14. Application to schedule a call is here: http://bit.ly/dayofradianceapp

  • q-iconWhat if I want to schedule a call to learn more details?

    I completely understand that you may want more information before investing in a Day of Radiance VIP Spa Intensive! During the call, I will support you in exploring if the Day of Radiance is right for you, as well as answer any questions you may have about your special day. Simply apply for a call by Midnight PST, Feb. 14 by completing this form: http://bit.ly/dayofradianceapp . Applications received after the deadline will not receive the special Valentine’s Day discount of 25% off (a $500 savings!)

  • q-iconHow do I know if this is for me?

    First and foremost, you will know the Day of Radiance is for you because you will FEEL it! You may feel excitement, a bit nervous, a little scared, ecstatic….either way you will just know this is right for you. Oh, and nervousness is actually a very good thing because it means this could be a powerful experience for you! Plus, we aren’t used to doing something JUST for ourselves 😉 Other ways to know this experience is for you: you are stressed-out and need a break, you desire to be pampered, you are longing for support with integrating and sustaining self care in your life, you love delicious food and get really excited when thinking of receiving a massage + relaxing at the spa + gaining clarity & removing emotional blocks by working with Jess!

  • q-iconWhat is included in my investment?

    Your investment for the Day of Radiance includes: (1) Pass to the luxury world-class Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas so you can enjoy the lovely amenities (water experiences, hot tub, saunas, co-ed area & more!), (1) One-hour massage with a custom aromatherapy blend oil, (1) Delicious, organic lunch with Jess, (1) 30-minute personal intention setting ritual + card reading with Jess, (1) 2-hour private coaching intensive with Jess to gain clarity on your desires, remove emotional blocks holding you back & create your Radiant Self Care Plan. Yay!

  • q-iconWhat does the day look like?

    Your Day of Radiance will begin with a beautiful 30-minute intention setting ritual so that you can get comfortable and clear on what you want to receive for the day. I will guide you through getting relaxed, and then we will do an oracle card reading (so fun!) to gain further clarity on what you’d like to receive during your experience. Then, together, we will go to the spa and you will receive your lovely aromatherapy massage. After your massage, I will leave the spa to give you privacy so that you can enjoy the amenities. Then, I will return in two hours and we will go to a delicious restaurant to eat yummy organic food and enjoy conversation. We can talk about whatever you want! After we eat, we will go into your 2-hour private intensive where I will guide you through discovering your desires, gaining clarity on what you’d like to receive in your life & then creating your Radiant Self Care Plan to receive those desires. You will leave feeling clear, refreshed, recharged and will have a plan to take the next steps to bring your desires into reality!

  • q-iconI’ve never been to the spa, what can I expect?

    Don’t worry…I know how scary it can be to go to the spa for the first time! I remember going alone and I was terrified…but you will have me as your guide, so rest assured you will be taken care of! I will fully prepare you with all information you need, such as what to bring, what to wear and how best to prepare so you have a lovely experience. Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas (where the Day of Radiance will be held), is a luxury spa, complete with water experiences, saunas, a private women’s area, a co-ed area with relaxing rooms, delicious beverage and fruits to snack on, and more! You simply get to relax and flow from room to room, sauna to sauna, water experience to water experience 🙂 It’s glorious!

  • q-iconIs there food included in my day?

    Yes! The spa has a wonderful selection of tea and fresh fruit, and after your spa time, I will take you out for a delicious, organic lunch that is sure to have your tastebuds dancing!

  • q-iconI don’t live in Las Vegas, can I still schedule a Day of Radiance?

    Absolutely! The Day of Radiance is perfect for a quick get-away trip! Las Vegas hospitality makes it easy to get in and out effortlessly, plus there are always great deals on flights to this entertainment capital of the world! It would be an honor to have you join me in my home city for some luxurious spa + self care time.

  • q-iconIs airfare/hotel accommodations included in my investment?

    No, travel or hotel accommodations are not included in your Day of Radiance, however there are always fabulous deals for quick trips to Las Vegas and I’d be happy to guide you with tips (I worked for a travel company for 6 1/2 years so I know a thing or two about travel)!

  • q-iconWhere do you suggest I stay during my trip?

    The beautiful Venetian Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip will be the location for our Day of Radiance, given that the Canyon Ranch Spa is located inside of this hotel. You will need to book your stay in one of the rooms inside the Venetian or the Palazzo (connected) which is where our coaching intensive will take place. From your room, we will be able to walk to the spa 🙂

  • q-iconI live in Las Vegas so how would this day work?

    I would adore supporting you in a Day of Radiance if you live in Las Vegas! The experience would be the same, and we could speak about options for the location of your coaching intensive, if you decide you would rather not get a room and have a staycation inside The Venetian or Palazzo. However, I highly recommend you get yourself a room since you will be verrrrrrry relaxed after our full day of magic!

  • q-iconHow soon can I book specific date?

    Your Day of Radiance VIP Intensive can be booked as soon as Friday, Feb. 19. All sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of making your investment, and together, we will find a date that works best for both of us!

  • q-iconHow is this experience different from me just going to the spa?

    Oh lovely, this experience is SOOOOO much more than just a spa day! Yes, the spa day and massage are included, but the real magic happens when you & I discover your deeper desires, remove emotional blocks holding you back from receiving those desires and create your unique Radiant Self Care Plan! Spa days alone are fabulous, but think of this experience as a luxury spa day + a sprinkle of magic + life-changing transformational work with my custom, interactive coaching on your side!

  • q-iconI don't want to miss out on this offer, how do I book now?

    You can grab 1 of my 3 spots available for a Day of Radiance VIP Intensive by choosing your preferred payment method here: http://jesstomlinson.com/valentines-day-special-invest

  • q-iconI'd really like to do this, but I'm worried about the investment...any tips?

    We tend to get “sticker shock” when we’re making a big leap. Then, because we’re in shock, we start telling ourselves it’s too overwhelming, we don’t deserve it, it’s too much of an investment, [insert reason here]. And there goes the light of possibility that was beaming right in front of you. So…to help support you in avoiding sticker shock, and moving to a place where you are making a decision that is a clear choice, remind yourself of the benefits of investing in YOU (amazing life-changing support versus buying that high-end Chanel bag). Also, if you aren’t feeling like you have the money, I would encourage you to ask yourself…Is this REALLY true? You might not have the cash in your wallet, but you probably have access to getting the investment. When we want something bad enough, we can get creative in coming up with the investment. Do you have a savings account? A friend or relative who could loan you the money? A 401k you could pull from? A credit card you can make payments on? If you’re committed to your Self Care, then I invite you to be committed to find the funds to invest in YOU.

  • q-iconIs there a payment plan?

    Yes, there is a payment plan of 3 installments available. You can find investment options here: http://jesstomlinson.com/valentines-day-special-invest