What the F is Self Care & Does Me Time even matter?

There’s been a deeper longing in me lately.

To throw out the traditional view of self care and expand our minds, embracing a new definition of self care – the Radiant Self Care definition.

Self care is misunderstood.
Giggled at.

Pushed to the side as useless fluff that gets you nowhere except a pretty pedicure.

So today, we’re talking about What the F is Self Care & Does Me Time even matter?

WTF is self care3_email

I’m rallying for a new conversation.
An uprising of women who believe #MeTimeMatters

So to begin this conversation, I’m sharing with you a video to kick-off a series of conversations (or rants, you could say!) about what’s REALLY under the hood of the practice of Radiant Self Care.

You can watch the kick-off video in the #MeTimeMatters series here:

Watch the video on YouTube here

In this video I get fired-up about:

  • The definition of Radiant Self Care and why it’s not what you think it is
  • Why what we think matters about self care actually doesn’t matter at all
  • What has been vital to my meaningful success and how it can be vital to yours too
  • How Radiant Self Care helps you break society’s rules and reconnect to what you really, really want
  • The bridge between an unfulfilled, unhealthy life and one that is meaningful and Radiant

Now it’s YOUR turn…

What is your definition of Self Care?
Do you think Me Time Matters?

Share in the comments below 🙂 I’m excited to hear your take on this topic!

To Your Radiance,

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