why I invested $19,000 in my self care

For many years, the only investments I made in myself were getting my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and signing up for a few weekend self-development workshops. That’s it.

Even though I craved to experience nice things, retreats to other countries and high-value expert coaching from the best of the best, the thought of spending more than just a few hundred dollars would send me into thoughts of unworthiness like, “Jess, you must be CRAZY to think you can pay for that…it’s not worth it.”

What I was really saying was “I’m not worth it.”

I’ve spoken to several amazing women about my Bali retreat, The Radiance Recharge, and this theme of unworthiness when it comes to investing in ourselves is laced thick and tight, like a really uncomfortable bustier.

Women want to go so badly to Bali (their heart is calling), but the thought of investing in something for themselves – even though they know the retreat will be life-changing – is holding them back (their head is rationalizing).

As a woman blazing the path of Radiant Self Care and grabbing the hands of women around the world along the way, I have a much different perspective on investing in ME.

Just within the past 8 months alone, I’ve invested $19,000 in my own self care (not even including my several Bliss Trips to Hawaii, Prague and beyond!) by getting myself a coach to support me in my continuous growth, so that I can support YOU and other women in feeling massively less stressed, wildly expressed and beautifully Radiant in your own Self Care.

Here’s a picture of me and my stellar, rockstar coach, Christina Morassi, when I went to her home in Oakland, California for an all-day intensive (which, may I add, was full of lots of self care like yummy food and even a 10 minute nap!)

Click display images to see me and my coach, Christina Morassi :)


See, before I would have freaked out at this investment.  But I’ve learned something blatantly obvious:

Investing in yourself is VITAL to self care.

And here’s why…

When we invest in ourselves, simply because we want to, we are telling the universe that we are WORTHY.  We deserve to have what we need, want and desire. And the universe listens by giving us more of what we need, want and desire because we have taken action to give ourselves those things first. 

Heck, without investing in myself, my life wouldn’t be nearly as Radiant as it is now. There is no way I would be producing this Bali retreat, and I’m pretty positive I wouldn’t have met the man of my dreams, all while continuing to support amazing women like you, working my full time corporate job, traveling and incorporating Radiant Self Care into my life.

If I would have listened to my head, I wouldn’t have made the investment leap. I’m so glad that I listened to my heart.

What is it costing you by holding back from investing in yourself?



The Radiance Recharge **In Bali!**

Are you ready to invest in YOU, simply because it’s what you want to do…and you deserve it?

Beautiful Bali picture

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of going to Bali, send me an email with the subject line “READY TO INVEST IN ME” to jessica@jessicatomlinson.com.  When I receive your email, I’ll send you a short application. Don’t hesitate, just hit reply if you feel inspired <3

To Your Radiance,

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