Why society’s definition of self care sucks

A few weeks ago I posted a video exploring the question: “Does self care and me time even matter?

Whether you watched the video or not, I’m sure you can guess my stance:


Like, BIG time.

The problem is…we’re often limited in our perception of what me time and self care include.  We narrow them down to manis, pedis and massages. (which are FAB, but nowhere near inclusive of everything that a Radiant Self Care lifestyle includes). 

If you’re like me, anything limiting just isn’t fun, or effective…so I’m hoping you’ll hang with me for a few of my #MeTimeMatters videos as we get to the core of WHY self care is more than what it seems, and HOW it can be a lifeline – a launching pad for you living a Radiant Life of Big Meaningful Dreams.

Are you IN?!


Here’s today’s video…

Why Society’s Definition of Self Care Sucks [watch video on YouTube or below]

In today’s video, we dig into:

  • The origin of self care and why this definition is SUPER limiting
  • How self care connects us to our truth, allowing us to “come home” to what we really really need, want and desire
  • How a loved one saying “take care” helps us understand the broader definition of what self care REALLY means
  • Why a green juice and cupcake are equal on the self care scale (yep, you heard me right!)

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Now it’s your turn…

What is something that you include in your self care routine that isn’t included in our basic definition of self care?

Share in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear 🙂

To Your Radiance,

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