you’ll love this podcast I was interviewed on! my best tips yet!

Happy Friday! I hope you’re preparing for a weekend of Radiant Self Care 🙂

I’m so excited to share with you an interview I just did with the amazingly talented, Adria DeCorte.  You may remember her from my most recent Her Radiance Revealed webinar. She’s a Healthy Living Strategist who I LOVE jamming with about Self Care.

In fact, she’s featuring me as one of the first interviews on her brand new Feed Your Hustle Podcast because our convo was so much fun!

People are saying Adria asked me awesome questions and I answered with really helpful, juicy tips! (I thought I was babbling…LOL)

I think you’re really gonna love it.


Feed Your Hustle Podcast image - Listen to Jess' interview!


We dove into asking for help without feeling guilty, what it really looks like to be wildly expressed, making everyday rituals feel spa-like, and how to do it all without it feeling “hard.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • To give yourself permission to be wildly expressed (in your own unique way)
  • How to tap into your inner child and use play to discover what you REALLY want
  • The difference between releasing and complaining
  • Exactly how to ask for help without guilt (I used these tips during the podcast launch this past week!)
  • Easy rituals to make your workday feel luxurious

Here’s that link again to listen:

Would love to know if you enjoyed!

To Your Radiance,

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P.S. If you dig Adria’s podcast, be sure to go to iTunes and subscribe and leave a review! Let’s ALL get behind the mission of health and self care 🙂 You can access the iTunes link on my podcast interview page.


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