Your New Year’s Resolution Could be Screwing Your Self Care

With the infamous 1st of the year calling our names, it’s pretty much a given that New Year’s Resolutions are shaking and shimmying in the distance, seducing you to set one.  Or two.  Or if you’re super ambitious…maybe three.

I remember a few years ago setting a New Year’s Resolution to go to a 5 a.m. spin class…for 90 days straight.

BAHAHAHA.  I mean, really?

I think I drug my butt out of bed for 7 days straight and then called it quits because my crotch was so sore from sitting on those narrow, hard seats (I’m not alone in this, right?! 🙂

Look – I’m not cracking up at myself because I can’t keep goals, or that I don’t believe in goal setting.  I can.  And I have.  Almost to a fault sometimes.

But the truth is, when we push ourselves to set beyond-the-moon goals, we leave no room to flow.
We leave no room for Radiant Self Care.
Then, we just give up entirely.

New year's resolution

One of the first things I teach my private clients is this:

Give yourself permission, in any moment, at any time and for any reason…to change your mind.

New Year’s Resolutions don’t allow this kind of flow because we end up feeling guilty if we fudge on the promise we’ve made to ourselves.

So this year, I invite you to scratch the typical Resolution and instead, set a Self Care Intention. And take action on it. 

Answer these questions to set your own Self Care Intention:

1. How do you want to FEEL this New Year?
2. What activity, ritual or practice would make you feel this way AND be fun?
3. How often would you like to do it?

Your answers could end up looking something like this:

“wildly expressing myself through art every day”
“freely moving my body twice a week”
or “taking a nourishing bath every Saturday”

Then, once you have the Self Care Intention that feels good to you, keep this in mind:

If you don’t feel like following through on your intention, be gentle on yourself, don’t beat yourself up and then, pick back up when you’re ready (if that’s what makes you feel Radiant).

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What is your Self Care Intention for the New Year?

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