After working with Jessica, I have come so far.  I started my first group program with six amazing women and I increased my visibility by 300%!

I have Jessica to thank for her continuous encouragement and patience with my very slow process. She always saw the power in me when I couldn't and reminded me of who I'm here to be and the message I have to share with women. She helped me push my edges in a way that stretched me but never pushed me too far—in a way that was empowering.

~ Shannon Rey, Career Empowerment Coach, Shannon-Rey.com

I had the best month financially EVER!
My income was 4 times my best month last year!

Her helpful follow-up emails and holding me accountable for actions in a very loving way really made the difference for me. Thank you Jess!

~ Jennifer Mason L.Ac, Owner of Vitamin Chi Acupuncture and Wellness, vitamin-chi.com

Jess Tomlinson is a visibility, leadership and business coach and intuitive guide for women entrepreneurs who have learned all the systems and strategies, yet are feeling disconnected from themselves and want to feel like a kid on Christmas morning again in business and life! With over 10 years leading branding and marketing for award-winning media and travel companies, she brings her skills plus intuition to support her clients in releasing how they think they "should" operate in business and instead become the truest embodiment of themselves as evolving Visible Leaders -  Radiantpreneurs. 

Jess has been featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews including NPR alongside renowned spiritual teacher Byron Katie and on live TV. She was also named one of Las Vegas' top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs and has produced 3 TEDxWomen events.

She lives with her sexy videographer Soul Partner, Ben, in Las Vegas where they spend their time hiking, sipping vino (Jess) and whiskey (Ben), playing cribbage and planning their next travel adventure.

Self Expression IS a Strategy
Be Your Fun, Fierce, Sexy
Evolve into a Radiantpreneur.