Hey, Radiantpreneur! If you’re dedicated to next-level visibility, authentic self-expression & business growth (that feels good), this may be for you…


2020 Biz Bestie 12 Month Private Coaching Opportunity
with Jess Tomlinson


Hey beauty,

I’ve been deep in re-alignment, re-visioning…essentially my own process that I take people through to find their authentic self expression in business (I’m sure you can relate!)

And what I’ve dropped into feeling SUPER good about for 2020 is a recommitment to sisterhood and collaboration. My Sexy Feminine Archetype is calling me forward.

Offering you more online group program opportunities, retreats and in-person events. Deepening. Playing. Breaking the rules of business visibility…and rising together. The feminine way.

With this truth on my heart, I felt into what I wanted to do about private coaching. Did I want to continue to offer it? Did I want to do away with it completely?

It’s pretty crazy because the last few years the majority of my business has been private clients. And I’ve LOVED it! The phenomenal women I’ve coached have blown me away with their rapid transformation and growth in both life and business.

So, will I be doing private coaching again next year? Well, kinda.

But with only ONE lucky woman.

Yep, you heard me right. What feels exciting to me is to work with 
one visionary, coach or entrepreneur who wants to go ALL IN in 2020.

To be her biz bestie.
Her collaborator.
Accountability buddy.
Brainstorm partner.
Creative muse.
Mindset coach.
Business mentor.
Self care guide.
Visibility vixen.
Weekend get-away gal.

You get the gist 😉

One thing that I’ve noticed for myself, and other friends who are leaders in the self-development industry, and that really irks me?

There is plenty of information, programs, quick fixes claiming to skyrocket your business, but not much devotion to nurturing and truly understanding each woman or her unique business goals.

It’s like going to a restaurant and being blindly delivered whatever the server wants to bring you, only to find out it’s steak tar-tar and you’re a vegetarian.

Umm…do they even care what I want?

This does NOT work for me.

The same thing happens with our businesses.

We are delivered (more like force-fed) the strategy.

Implement the strategy (cuz, we’re action takers).

Only to find out:

a) This strategy does NOT work for me (i.e. You did it, but aren’t getting the results)

b) Okay, it works…but it doesn’t feel good (i.e. I’m exhausted, bored, unfulfilled, inauthentic)

The answer to both meeting your business and visibility goals AND feeling good is understanding and honoring who you really are and aligning your business to support YOU.

And for those of us fiercely committed to next-level visibility, authentic self-expression and business growth in 2020, high-level support is the most delicious gift we can give ourselves.

I’m talking the type where…

You are sat down to a candlelit dinner in your favorite city adorned with your favorite flowers. Then you are asked…what do you deeply desire to eat tonight? How would you like that prepared? What temperature would you like it at? Would you like to enjoy it now or later? And most importantly…how do you want to feel at the end of dinner?

If this is the type of support you would like in 2020, then I’m your gal.

Together we will go on a 12 month journey of diving into your deepest business and life desires, illuminating the vision for your future that activates butterflies in your tummy and taking bold action to show up fully self expressed and radiantly visible to fulfill your desires…one easeful step at a time!

Below I have detailed a description of the perfect person to apply for this opportunity. If you are interested in being my #1 for all of next year, then please read all of these details. Not everyone will be a fit.

After the past few years of only working privately with people, I’ve come to discover a few things about my clients who get the best results, which in my definition is:

An explosion of visibility and authentic self expression
(they go from feeling "bleh" to on FI-YAH!)

Magnetizing dream clients and income
(usually their best month or year EVER)

So, in knowing who I can personally serve the best, this opportunity is for:

  • You if you have been following me for a while
  • If we aren’t already friends you sense that we are soul sisters
  • You’ve been in business for at least 2 years and have taken all the courses and learned a bunch of strategies
  • You know 2020 is your year and you’re ready to do what feels exciting, instead of what has been programmed into your head that you "should" do
  • You feel constricted by traditional marketing strategies
  • You are known as someone who shows up in leadership, but you are secretly holding back parts of yourself
  • You feel a dissonance between how you are talking about your work, and what you really want to say (even if you aren’t sure what that message is)
  • You know that the best type of coaching for you is someone who is able to reflect back to you your own desires and hold you accountable to taking action that is aligned with your unique self expression (versus just telling you what to do)
  • You know the power of having a guide by your side who always sees you in your highest
  • You agree with this statement: Full self expression is the most powerful strategy for my business and personal development
  • You consider yourself a rebel (even if you aren’t showing up that way currently)
  • You want to dive into personal transformation that will powerfully impact your business AND life
  • Someone going all IN on your business with you feels like a F’yeah! Even though you’ve been in many programs, you’re tired of feeling alone or not understood
  • You are an action taker and possibility seeker who is emotionally intelligent and takes responsibility for herself
  • You more than likely geek out on personality quizzes or assessments such as Meyers-Briggs, Human Design, astrology, Enneagram, Gene Keyes, Fascinate Advantage, Wealth Dynamics (should I go on? LOL)
  • You would describe yourself as an entrepreneur who is evolving and on the spiritual path
  • More than likely your top values include Freedom or Creativity
  • You’re tired of doing business as usual…you want to shake things up…have some fun, take courageous leaps and feel deliciously feminine
  • You want to simplify your business — instead of creating a ka-trillion funnels — you want to maximize your time and energy by focusing on what matters most…hello lightness!

An overview of my coaching style:

Previous clients have described me as intuitive, loving with a dash of fierce honesty, super organized and creative, a great writer whose edits and revisions to marketing materials are priceless, and my favorite… "magic!"

The three questions I am always asking myself when I coach a private client is…

Is she in alignment with her deepest desires?

Where is she holding back her authentic expression?

How can she move forward towards her goals with ease?

The journey I take people on truly depends on them (which is why this is private coaching), however my general process looks like…


What do you need to let go of - identities, beliefs, "shoulds" - in order to move forward with power and ease?


What expression or desires want to come forward so you can be the most magnetic and authentic?


What tangible plans or strategies need to shift to align with your authentic desires and goals?


What action steps need to be taken for you to be radiantly visible and show up in leadership to fulfill your goals?


What feminine embodiment and self care needs to be prioritized for you to be magnetic, feel sexy, have fun, be bold and show up even if it feels hard?

Want me to be your dedicated biz bestie, brainstorm partner, soul sister and guide for 2020?!

Here’s what’s included:


(36) One hour private Zoom sessions, 3 per month for a year


(12) Done for you written materials which I will craft for you during a session simply by asking you questions and pulling forward your authentic voice/message (i.e. emails to your list, posts for social media, a new bio, opt-in email series, sales page, invitation page for an event/webinar, etc.) OMG, how good would it feel to have these complete or upgraded?!


4-Day Private Activation & Self Care Weekend Retreat - this will be a mix of business, transformation and divine self care. Together we will choose a weekend and I will give you a list of U.S. locations for you to decide on. I’ll put together a fun agenda based upon your desires and will take care of everything including activities, lodging and food…your only job is to show up exactly as you are and RECEIVE (Transportation to retreat location not included)


Come stay with us at our home in Las Vegas and allow my sweetie pie Ben to take gorgeous shots of you for all your social media needs! I’ll be right there with you as your cheerleader, guiding you through what to wear and how to pose. This will be a great way to celebrate your visibility and the new YOU emerging in business. (transportation to Vegas not included)


> Unlimited review of any and all marketing materials you may like my eagle eyes on

>Unlimited email access for questions, freak outs or just an ear to listen

> Text/phone access to me Monday-Thursday for those "Oh Shit" Moments or a quick pep-talk (I’ve NEVER offered this in my 10 years of coaching!)

Okay, babe!

Does this feel like "F’yeah, this level of support is what I’ve been longing for?"

If so, let me know that you are interested and why by December 31 by sending me an email to jessica [at] jessica tomlinson [dot] com.

Then, if I resonate with your why behind wanting to work together for a year, I’ll send you an application.

Excited to see if we are biz bestie soulmates meant to do this work together!

Until then…keep shining your visible light, Radiantpreneur. 🙂

To Your Radiance,

Jess Tomlinson


P.S. I'm seriously only accepting 1 person for private coaching in 2020. So if you are feeling resonance, trust yourself and send me an email by 12/31 to let me know why you want to go on a 1-year journey with me!


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A few videos to help you determine if this opportunity feels right for you...