Episode #10 | How to Create Intimacy & Connection as a Power Couple with Chani Jacobson

In This Episode:

How modeling what she teaches in relationships has impacted her visibility and vulnerability at workshops and events

Why how SHE feels about her events has shifted and how that has impacted sustainability in her business

Her journey of healing through her own work

Mine and my partner’s own experience of working with Chani and why it has been so important for us as a “power couple”

Why it’s so easy for couples in leadership or entrepreneurship to get out of sync

Getting back to connected communication and intimacy as an entrepreneurial couple

Letting go of shame of relationship struggles and how to “normalize” them so that you can move towards what’s possible

The pressure to look “perfect” in your romantic partnerships as an entrepreneur and how to release that

What to do if you (or your partner) has a hard time identifying what’s “wrong”

How Chani and her husband have worked through their dynamic of fighting and lack of intimacy to reach a spiritual level partnership

The powerful choice Chani had to make that led her down a path of healing her relationship

The difference between a “level 1” partnership and “next level” — and why Chani is so passionate about opening couples up to the latter

Why identifying emotions as they are arising then communicating them powerfully, is an important first step for couples to create intimacy and connection (without going into the story)

What to do if your partner isn’t on board with receiving relationship support, but you really know something needs to shift

About Chani Jacobson:

Chani Jacobson works with couples who are struggling with resentment, bickering, and intimacy issues in their relationship. She teaches them how to communicate in such a profound way that they stop bickering and resenting each other, deepen their connection, and truly nourish each other. Uniquely, she works with the couples in sessions together to practice communication techniques and share struggles and successes, and also works with each partner in individual to focus on developing inner wisdom connection, body awareness, and emotional intelligence - the true keys to a relationship that rocks.

With a BA in Culture, Psychology and Creativity Through A Transpersonal Lens, a coaching certification from the Institute of HeartMath, and over 13 years of study in shamanism, ecstatic dance, embodied movement, body awareness, and relationship psychology, plus the experience that comes with 11 years of committed partnership, she uses her keen intuitive abilities to sense hidden emotions and thoughts that are blocking connection between partners to heal their relationship problems and bring them closer than ever before.  

Learn more about Chani at ChaniJacobson.com

What are your tips for creating intimacy and connection?

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