Episode #13 | How to Deeply Trust Yourself with Maggie Kay

In This Episode:

Why her visibility edge has been incorporating singing with public speaking and music into her work with clients

How she weaves her full self expression into her Instagram photos and why she doesn’t share photos of her behind her laptop, even though she’s a business coach

Her journey to India to get her yoga certification and 10 day silent meditation and how it expanded her heart

Her time in Peru that helped her learn to live as an empath, and later led to her leading a retreat in Peru

How some of her biggest learnings have been around trust, and developing the relationship with her internal beloved

What she learned about being more in feminine flow just this past week while she was overworking to keep up with her launch schedule

Why she spent much of her life striving to show she was worthy by not using her body or beauty to prove her worth and smartness but is now reclaiming her beauty

How she used to leave her body because of trauma and her favorite practice she uses to come back to her center, which comes from the The Magdalen Manuscript

The 4 “compass rose” steps she uses to work with her clients and guide them to their purpose

Why competition is the old paradigm, especially as the market becomes more saturated with coaches and what we can all do to support one another

About Maggie Kay:

Maggie Kay is a Life Purpose and Business Coach. Inspired by her belief that being on your mission is the ultimate pinnacle of freedom and self love, she has helped hundreds of people transition out of survival mode and realign their lives and careers to their purpose. She has experienced first hand how being on her mission has been the key to transforming her mind, body, spirit and relationships. Now through coaching, speaking, and facilitating retreats, she guides others through the process of getting crystal clear on their purposeful business, and the steps to start creating it now. 

Learn more about Maggie at MaggieKay.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What tools have you used to deepen into trust in your life & biz?

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