Episode #14 | Relationship Marketing In-Person & Online with Meagan Williams

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is taking the focus off her team and products, and doing more for videos focused on herself, including doing Facebook Lives and a brand video

How being in my women’s circle (7 years ago!) elevated her in life and business - especially being truly seen and accepted by other women

How she turned a social media disaster into an opportunity

Walking the line between what you put your energy towards on social media and holding back

A powerful gratitude practice she has been doing EVERY day, and inspiring stories behind the results it has been producing for her

Authentically connecting to potential clients and her number one rule for how to build these relationships anywhere you go

How she ended up being “found” on social media and paid to speak alongside Rachel Hollis (the best selling author of Girl Wash Your Face) at The TOP Summit

The dance between online and in-person marketing and how to be inspired to get out from behind your computer more — and how she turns it into a winnable game

Why she shifted her focus from business results to authentic connection and how it’s grown her business

Her story of a potential client following her for 2 years without engaging in any of her social media, but eventually becoming part of her team

About Meagan Williams:

Meagan Williams is a social marketing professional, Storyseller, speaker and founder of a global team of sales leaders known as #TheSocialCEOs.

Known on social as @MegsLV, she has built a reputation as a Story-Selling Pro and is passionate about teaching network marketers and brands how to leverage storytelling to build an engaged community who happily pay for their product. 

Megs has shared her expertise on the stage on Social Media Marketing World, Leadership Conferences, Vegas Vlog Summits and has worked with brands like MGM Resorts, MAXIM & Super Bowl. 

She believes true community is built by educating the audience (with a little humor and sarcasm) and overdelivering the journey authentically. 

Connect with her at Instagram.com/megslv

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