Episode #16 | Vulnerability for Deeper Healing with Angela Rose Fields

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is navigating the feelings of wanting to run because of a transition she is going through in shifting her focus from helping people with chronic pain to supporting people with cancer

How to move through emotions in the body when things are evolving or realigning in your business

“Wild feminine fluid” has been her embodiment practice lately but why she allows it to change

Why her vulnerable shares on social media had a few people feeling sorry for her at first, and what she did to create much more empowering posts that continue be tender, yet inspire people

How one of her vulnerable blog posts led to a middle school friend who works for the military as a sexual assault awareness trainer asking if he could use her blog in the training

How her work and life has been impacted by her parents who were pioneers in alternative healing in the 80s

Navigating the pressure to be a “healer” whether your line of work is directly related to health or transformational healing

Her self care tips for energetically sensitive women

How we can let go of shame around feeling like we need to “do” and just let ourselves “be”

About Angela Rose Fields:

Angela Rose Fields is a Holistic Health & Life Coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Between her private practice and group programs she has supported hundreds of people. While her work began with a focus on chronic pain and illness, it wasn't long before she was supporting other healers in a mentorship role, both drawing forward their strengths in business and their healing work.

In addition to completing her certification program, she began working with mentors in Quantum Healing. Her own deep exploration of Psychology, Neuroscience/Neurobiology, Anatomy, Physiology and various somatic modalities eventually led her to the realization of her passion supporting others around death and dying, or what she has come to see as a sacred space of truly beginning to live. 

Drawing on a uniques set of skills ranging from herbs and plant knowledge, to the capacity of the brain to heal the body, Angela believes that medicine is truly unstoppable when merging ancient practices with modern technology. She is here to be an advocate for the individual needs of each person she works with, supporting them by illuminating the path of their specialized recovery.

In addition to her Private Practice she has begun leading retreats! Gathering groups with the intention to create space for rejuvenation, uplifting, transformation and a new depth of connecting with one another.

Connect with her at AngelaRoseFields.com

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