Episode #18 | How to Claim Your Authentic Voice with Isabella Baring

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is showing up online after working with people in-person for many years

How she has navigated the expansion and contraction of getting attention online and then not getting much - going through the cycles

Why she has prioritized making art in her marketing

In-person connection and why it helps to feed into the online space without so much pressure

Her practice for watching herself back after recording a video and holding herself in unconditional love

The biggest shift she has made around visibility that has led to truly being seen

Her dream of becoming a famous singer, making demos, talking to managers and auditioning for Universal Music to stopping singing and eventually finding her authentic voice

How being tested for a brain tumor led to  changing her lifestyle and put her on a spiritual journey

Why she now writes medicine songs for her own healing, self activation and alignment

How she accidentally began channeling Light Languages by singing gibberish

How singing brings so much joy and release of emotions without having to consciously process it

The connection between the womb and voice and how she uses it while singing and to create safety around being seen

Choosing to focus less on what we need to heal or the story around it and more on just allowing ourselves to have our unique voice unfold and be heard

How everyday communication improves naturally with a signing practice

Expressing rage, anger and boundaries (and both of our stories around needing to do so with romantic partners)

How experiencing the spectrum of emotions is a necessary human experience and ultimately guides us home to love

The energy and vibration of our names and why it’s important to be called different things in particular phases of our life

About Isabella Baring:

Isabella is a mystical songstress, creatrix and voice activator who channels medicine songs, light languages and sound codes to support the healing and ascension of the Earth.

She grew up dreaming to be a pop star before illness propelled her on a spiritual journey where she unlocked her sacred gifts, reclaimed her voice and remembered her divinity.

Now she supports others to align with their infinite truth so they can live joyfully, love unconditionally and gracefully ascend into the life of their dreams.  

Connect with her at IsabellaBaring.com

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How do you claim your authentic voice?


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