Episode #19 | How to Reprogram Your Subconscious with Stephanie Kwong

In This Episode:

Why her visibility edge is sharing the results that clients get when working with her and giving powerful calls to action on social media

How this year she got deep into shifting her stories of not enough, what if I fail, what if I get rejected and the impact it’s made in her business

Her belief engrained in childhood that if you shine too big you will lose love, so she clipped her own wings and didn’t feel safe to shine

Creativity is now flowing for her, and how that ties directly to her work around the subconscious

Why strategy will only get you so far with life and business goals

How our minds will distract us from what the true block is to getting what we want

Why declaring that she wanted to work with celebrities was just the beginning, she had to do the deep work to see herself as the type of person who could have it (and it’s happening!)

Conscious versus subconscious

The reason why conscious desires oftentimes don’t get fulfilled

Where to start to begin to uncover your subconscious beliefs

What REALLY creates results for entrepreneurs

Her recommendation for the top 2 subconscious blocks everyone should focus on reprogramming

Her experience during a 10 day silent meditation retreat and what she learned about her mind

About Our Guest:

Stephanie Kwong is a mindset mastery coach, hypnotherapist and host of the Rise Higher podcast. She supports entrepreneurs and leaders to break through limiting beliefs and redesign their subconscious mind to achieve their next level through hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, and other techniques to master their mind and regulate their emotions. Her Self-hypnosis Mastery online course, Believe, shows you how to partner with your subconscious mind to reprogram your beliefs to manifest your dream life and have it all. Stephanie is also a teacher of self-love. Her 40 Day Self-Love Transformation online program shows the ‘how’ of self-love and has thousands of students around the world. Her deep passion is to empower people to turn their dreams to reality by aligning their inner world to the outer results they want to create.

Connect with her at StephanieKwong.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What are your favorite resources to reprogram your beliefs?


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