Episode #2 | Mindset Tools for Visibility with Karenina Jahnigen

In This Episode:

✨ Why it’s important to figure out who you *really* are as a coach and leader

✨ How taking bigger and bigger risks triggers underlying fears and beliefs

✨ Why those with “natural born confidence” are more vulnerable and won’t have the same strength when putting themselves out there

✨ How Karenina's background as a dancer, singer and actor, and even making the newspapers, was easy for her, but how she faced stage fright as a speaker

✨ Questioning who you are and what you believe is necessary when you are a coach or leader

✨ Karenina’s process for feeling good about how she helps her clients and the information she is presenting to the world

✨ Powerful phrases that you can use when presenting your thoughts and ideas to clients, so that you can be both confident and also release the need to be “god" 

✨ How to speak your truth, while at the same time release the feeling of responsibility to know it all and have the ultimate “truth”

✨ Balancing data and intuition

✨ Becoming okay with your humanness sets you free in interactions with your audience and clients

✨ Disintegrate your defense mechanisms t0 allow connection with people

✨ Self compassion is the key to success

✨ How losing friends, relationships or other things while in business pushes us towards our authentic selves

✨ Karenina's struggle with ADHD and how she functions as an entrepreneur with it, while also empowering others to do the same

✨ NLP - what it is and why it’s powerful for shifting blocks around organization, relationships, pain or any other “stuckness”

✨ The kind of entrepreneurs that really have to “do the work” by honing their mindset, and those who can still be successful without dealing with their mindset challenges

About Karenina Jahnigen:

Karenina is a Success Mindset Coach and Breakthrough SpecialistTM who developed a passion for communication at an early age. She moved from the beach in Santa Cruz, CA to above the Arctic Circle in Norway as a young child and had to quickly learn how to decipher non-verbal communication and cultural differences.

Karenina is a Master Practitioner Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mental Emotional Release and has studied and mentored in many fields related to communication and creating results for over 15 years.

In her upcoming book “Leap! How To Take Risks When There’s No Net” she reveals her step by step Breakthrough Process that is based on her background in project management, leadership, sales, sports performance, holistic health.

She’s particularly passionate about helping executives, speakers and authors monetize their dreams and execute their brilliance by breaking through mindset blocks that keep them stuck and prevent them from fulfilling their life’s mission.

Learn more about Karenina at: www.breakthrough-specialist.com

What is your opinion on the mindset shifts needed to show up as visible leaders?

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