Episode #20 | Catalyze Courage to Go After Your Dreams with Judith Martinez

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is learning how to quantify courage and how it shows up in actual expression within communities

The connection between vulnerability and courage

Why she chose to focus on courage as the central focus of her organization, InHerShoes

How she moved through family expectations of becoming a law student and instead went after what she wanted

Her advice for letting go of expectations that others have for you and that you may be afraid to move away from

When people around her went to Google, LinkedIn, and other big Silicon Valley companies, how she gained the courage to choose her own version of success

The one question a mentor of hers asked that changed everything for her

How she moved through her fears of not good enough and too much and leapt into social entrepreneurship and social innovation

The pushback she received from questioning things or rocking the boat

Her successful Kickstarter campaign and what it took to actually see it through (hint, a TON of support!)

Why it’s important to bring analytics to life with relatable stories

The conversation around bringing men into the vision for her movement, even though it’s focused on women

Why facilitating a summer camp for high schoolers was the highlight of her career so far

The importance of asking questions as leaders, and not being afraid of the mess

Her advice for what people need to be more courageous

How she made the decision to go with not-for-profit versus a for-profit business

About Our Guest:

Judith Martinez is the Founder and CEO of InHerShoes, a millennial led, social impact driven, global organization committed to catalyzing courage for young people and women around the world. Their mission is simple: activate the genius of a generation to make a difference in their communities now. A by-product being re-defying traditional standards of what it looks like to be successful today.

Judith has worked with organizations such as Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, world-class leaders such as Leon Panetta, and has shared her voice on behalf of youth at the Youth Assembly, United Nations. Selected as a StartingBloc fellow in Washington, D.C., Judith has worked with organizations such as ReWork, Mind Hatch, and the Transformative Action Institute. She has co-authored Students Lead Now, the first book written by students, for students, on student leadership in the higher education space, and was most recently selected to work side by side with Echoing Green Fellows in building a Social Innovation and Leadership program to equip college students with 21st century skill sets for success. Recognized by The Next Big Thing Movement as one of 2017's Top Millennial Influencers, she was nominated to join the ranks of Forbes 30 Under 30 for her commitment to first generation women and transforming what it means to be a non-profit in this day and age. She was honored as one of CSQ Magazine’s #NextGen10 awardees for her impact in Arts, Culture, and Philanthropy in the Los Angeles entrepreneurial eco-system, alongside folks like Kobe Bryant, Jeff Stibel, and Jesse Draper in Innovation & Tech.

Connect with her at InHerShoesMvmt.org

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