Episode #21 | Activate Creation Energy for Next Level Growth with Jordanna Eyre

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is putting systems and structure into her social media and ways she is sharing her work (which would have felt inauthentic in the past)

How she is making structure feel good for her

How to activate and utilize the “Spiral of Creation” to get to your next level

Her big pain point has been going deep into the challenges and how she has navigated back to play, joy and light

Why things that used to work in business or make us happy in life, sometimes don’t now

Sustainability versus Expansion and why sustainability isn’t resonating for either of us anymore

Learning to be stable from within, even on constantly shifting ground

How she’s been able to let go of control

Power struggles and using them as teachers around the dance between control, surrender and creation

Selfishness versus Selflessness, and how we can find God/Source in these paradoxes

Alchemizing your thoughts and emotions through your body

Navigating your conscious and unconscious choices and processing what unfolds for us because of these choices

Grieving old chapters of your life, so that you can come fully into the new

Why letting yourself become angry at the divine is a conduit to deeper connection and trust with the divine

The meditation she created to support the relationship we have with personal power and power itself

About Our Guest:

Jordanna Eyre has spent a lifetime working with one master teacher -- Creation itself, as it exists within everything. Today she helps people consciously interact with creation; finding and developing your unique way of creating with the power that was always intended to move through you. As founder of Modern Day Sorcerer, and the online accredited academy, Sorcerer School, her proven methodology works with people of all backgrounds, to hone your unique wisdom, purpose, humanity, and leadership. Her process dissolves separation between spiritual knowing and the practical world, helping you engage with life and step into the bigger things you were meant for, in the ways your soul intended for you.

Connect with her at ModernDaySorcerer.com

What was your biggest insight from this episode?
What are you currently activating for next level growth?


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