Episode #22 | How to Make Videos That Move Hearts with Benjamin Petersen

In This Episode:

His visibility edge is doing this interview! (he’s normally the guy behind the camera) and how he’s also stepping up during retreats/events he films to share his wisdom with the group

Why being a “space holder” sets Ben apart as a videographer and how it’s benefitted his clients at retreats and workshops (including me!)

How he navigates being a man and being the videographer for groups of women, oftentimes during vulnerable moments and healing exercises

How Ben fell into the path of being a videographer and why he instantly fell in love with it

What makes videos different than photography

His list of what makes a video really great and what makes videos crappy

The thing he prioritizes over everything else when filming brand videos

Everything that goes on during the editing process to create a really creative, emotion-driven, beautiful brand video

How to know you are ready to have a brand video filmed (hint, hint…absolute clarity of your message not required)

Why an immersive, healing retreat is the BEST way to film a brand video

The two options for capturing what you are saying on camera (and his secret super power that helps with ensuring you are being authentic with your words)

Details about the Brand Video Experience which is included in our transformational Bali Retreat, Radiant & Visible, happening October 18-26, 2019

About Our Guest:

With over 16 years of experience in design, events, videography and photography, Ben Petersen has the eye and skills to tell a powerful story through capturing his clients authenticity on camera.

He has learned from some of the best, serving on the interior design team for one of San Francisco’s best known artists

where he worked on several high-level projects, including the $5 million design of a Gold Leed Certified building for one of the nation’s largest sources for whole food supplements.

Ben’s work has been featured in renowned publications such as Southern Oregon Magazine and Southern Oregon Wine Scene and his work has even been selected twice for the cover photo on the Jacksonville Review.

With a passion for retreat videography and exploring the world, Ben has traveled to film transformational leaders in New Zealand, Vanuatu, Costa Rica, Panama, New Mexico, Sedona, New York and Seattle, to name a few.

Ben’s most proud project was serving on the camera crew for a 3-country tour capturing over 40 entrepreneurs from around the world on a 3-week journey as they shared their messages, distributed clean-water systems to communities in need and experienced life while living with an ancient tribe. Ben’s work from this project contributed to an online documentary series capturing several of these trips filmed over the course of 4 years, as well as individual feature videos for every entrepreneur.

Connect with him at VisibleVideoProductions.com

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