Episode #23 | Awakening Your Sexuality for Spiritual Growth with Courtney Davis

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is trusting that she can show up as she is on live videos and group calls

Visibility fears and questioning if it’s an aligned “no” or a “yes” that is it something that you can lean into

How pushing forward can sometimes do harm versus allowing our nervous systems to be honored so that we feel safe

Her journey the past year around going from feeling stagnant and doing basic blogs to creating a course, videos and showing up vulnerably on social media

The impact that dedication to her own sexual and spiritual awakening has had for her business and life

Why burnout and depression led her to work with a tantric mentor in an intense immersive experience for 6 months

How she started doing much less in her business yet is making more money and impact than ever

How she has stayed true to her unique message without getting influenced by what she felt she should be sharing

The impact of anxiety, depression and grief on our sexuality — incorporating these pieces versus shaming them

Social media and how to move through feelings of self indulgence or “addiction” when sharing vulnerably

Inner child work and loving the attention seeking parts of us

What it’s been like for her having a sexuality focused Instagram account and the response from showing her body

Why it’s important to know how much energy you have to come out the other side, if you want to do deep work

The practice of Orgasmic Meditation and how it’s benefitted both of us

Enjoying life now and having life inspire our work, not the other way around

About Our Guest:

Courtney Davis is a female entrepreneur who launched her business, The Empowered Woman, in 2018 to share her wisdom & passion around female sexual empowerment on a global scale. Her business features online courses & an online store offering high quality Crystal Pleasure Wands & Yoni Eggs to support women in awakening their sexual pleasure & power. Courtney is passionate about the intersection of sexual & spiritual awakening, and has recently spent the past 6 months travelling the world with her own tantric guide while translating her experiences into even deeper teachings for her audience. Although her teachings are focused in the realm of sexual awakening, Courtney often emphasizes that sexual empowerment unquestionably influences how women show up in the realms of entrepreneurialism, purpose, & business.

Connect with her at TheEmpoweredWoman.ca

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