Episode #24 | Be a Feminine Influencer with Online Summits with Terra Christoff

In This Episode:

✨Her visibility edge is launching her first challenge while being honest about grief, and carving out massive self care time

✨Alignment, energy, purpose, passion and how these things can make all the difference in online summit success

✨Why online summits are not “dead” and how they are an invitation for collaboration, healing the Sisterhood Wound, and stepping into your own Visible Leadership

✨How Terra was able to get big names on her very first summit and several stories of her clients that have done the same

✨Our view around competition and what to do if you have a hard time inviting people to partner because they do the same thing as you

✨How to know you are ready to host an online summit

✨Tech, whether or not to sell your interviews, making an offer during your summit & other summit strategy

✨The dark side of summits and why we have an opportunity to transform this and make an even bigger difference

About Our Guest:

Terra Christoff, Ph.D. is a Business Coach who has helped hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs have the confidence and strategy to grow their income and impact so that they can be a force for good in our world. Terra has added over 8,000 people to her email community through her simple feminine online Summit strategy, interviewed NY Times Best Selling Authors and industry experts, and has helped hundreds of clients step into their own level of increased visibility and leadership.

Connect with Terra at: TerraChristoff.com

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