Episode #25 | Global Leadership & Collaboration with Tanya Monsef

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is sharing more of who she is as she’s gotten older

Being visible in a way that works for you

The democratization of visibility and how that impacts our accessibility to others

How being raised by immigrants impacted her life and business mindset

Her journey working with people in over 40 countries

How she is supporting 22 women on economic empowerment in India, with a focus on women’s equity

Tapping into an ecosystem of people, companies and resources to support you in your journey

How she aligns her purpose with her passion

The great advice she got from her mother

The main lessons she’s learned through her evolution in business and many different ventures

One of the biggest beliefs that held her back for a long time

We shared our stories of health struggles that led to needed changes

Her realization around how programed she was from the media, during her time in Turkey

Finding human connection and opening up to learning while experiencing global communities

Building a personal board of advisors and the types of people you need

The questions to ask yourself to build a life of passion and purpose

About Our Guest:

Tanya Monsef’s vision is a world in which men and women work in partnership to lead change globally. 

A leader in many national and international organizations supporting women and entrepreneurship, Tanya has a background of 25+ years of Silicon Valley high tech, startups and non-profit business success in the areas of finance, marketing and strategy.  She has coached and delivered programs with leaders from 40+ countries.

Tanya designs leadership training, leads workshops, provides one-on-one coaching, and facilitates conversations with clients around the world. She speaks globally about the power of leading from authenticity as a way to create harmony in the workplace.   She is Dean's Executive Professor, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University (SCU), CA.  Tanya is active in various community programs and non-profits. Currently she serves on the Board for My Own Business Institute, the Own It Summit and the SCU Board of Fellows.  She is a strategic advisor for How Women Lead, co-founder of SF Turkish Women’s International Network chapter, and program director of the Global Fellows program at SCU.

She loves working with individuals, teams and organizations to build highly collaborative work environments that achieve high impact results, with an emphasis on start-ups.

Connect with Tanya at: TMonsefBunger.com

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