Episode #29 | Ignite Your Intuition with Christina Ambubuyog

In This Episode:

Her visibility edge is negotiating with her soul for how she can create videos again in a way that is creative and sustainable

How she navigated resistance and overwhelm around the formulaic aspects of business

What she learned as a trained artist that she now applies to her business

Honoring and owning the depth of our work through embracing language that may not seem like “marketing language”

The reality of transformation (and how it’s not always celebrated)

How we are being called to slow down because of our media-driven, sensory-overload society which is impacting our aura and energy

Her definition of what intuition is and is NOT

Choosing your core team of people to support you in making decisions aligned with your soul

One thing she makes sure to do to be a responsible intuitive/psychic

Aligning and trusting your own intuition, versus other people’s input/advice

The 4 main “clairs” (ways) that our intuition communicates with/through us

She explains why my main intuitive superpower changed from clairsentient to clairvoyant

Why learning how to manage your intuition doesn’t have to be scary and how it is actually very life-affirming

About Our Guest:

Christina Ambubuyog is an intuitive consultant, spiritual teacher and creator of I Love Intuition. For nearly 15 years, she's been teaching ambitious, spiritual seekers and heart centered leaders how to strengthen and trust their intuition, unleash their creativity and fully express their soul's purpose. 

She's worked with clients around the globe through intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, speaking, retreats and workshops along with organizations such as United Way, Vistage International, Neiman Marcus, and as a TEDx Fremont East Women Speaker. Phoenix, Arizona is her home base where she loves chasing sunsets, traveling, making art, and hiking.

Connect with Christina at: ILoveIntuition.com

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How do you tap in to your intuition?


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