Episode #3 | Women's Wisdom & Trust for Being Seen with Denise Elizabeth Byron 

In This Episode:

Why attracting is better than “pushing” to be visible…and how it is a constant struggle given that Denise loves her alone time and privacy

How being seen authentically is a 3 step process for her, and what this looks like when she first meets someone

Living life as a child hiding from a young age, because of feeling different in her shyness and intuitive abilities

How writing and directing a play in 8th grade allowed her to feel more empowered to share her gifts

The move that prompted her to become even more visible, and get out of her comfort zone without her regular referral base

Why the death or birth of a baby (or fur baby) can open up sensitivities and connection that may not have been there before

Her unique definition for YONI and what happens when we are tapped in deeply to who we are through this power center in our body through the practice of “Sensuous Wisdom”

Understanding the embodiment of who you are, your boundaries and parameters and how this impacts your visibility

Denise’s question for helping us to understand things that we might feel confused about, including our gifts, empathy and healing abilities

Astrology and the moon, and powerful ways to harness the current energy and opportunities present in the world right now

How to deal when you feel shaken by scary planetary events, and how sometimes being still is just as powerful as taking action

The biggest thing you need to access your own intelligence, wisdom, inspiration and energy so that you can really serve with your gifts

The bigger trust that is required in order to develop trust within yourself and other people, and how Denise moved through a violated childhood that challenged her trust in the world

About Denise Elizabeth Byron:

Denise Elizabeth Byron is the founder of Sensuous Wisdom™ and Wise Women, WISE™ Leaders. A skilled Mentor, Embodiment Educator and Certified Professional Coach with over 18 years experience teaching sacred movement and meditation, Denise invites women to fully embrace their feminine vitality, beauty and power.

She encourages women to heal past hurts, strengthen their confidence, and celebrate their full aliveness.

As a Visionary Guide and Coach, Denise brings 35 plus years of experience with numerology and astrology as well as a strong background in spiritual studies, literature, psychic development, psychology, and healing arts.

Denise is known for her unique perspectives and out of the box ideas that help her clients discover the keys to their success for their business and their relationships. She loves teaching her clients and students how to access their most radiant knowing, deepest love, and powerful pleasure.

“Riding the waves of life requires courage, confidence and a bit of magic!”

Read more about Denise’s journey here: DeniseElizabethByron.com

Have you experienced your own women's wisdom? What has been the most powerful tool for you to build trust within yourself to be seen? 

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