Episode #30 | How to Be Visible During Tough Times with Starr Sheppard-Decker

In This Episode:

✨How to Be Visible Through Grief, Trauma or Tough Times

✨Her visibility edge is going deeper into her story and sharing what she’s been through with trauma and dysfunctional family

✨The moment that prompted her to begin showing up more vulnerably

✨We both share stories of dancing between needing validation that our work matters, and sinking into trust that when we show up it impacts people

✨Why even though she is a performer she was terrified about speaking from the heart and how she has moved through that

✨Loving the part of yourself that wants attention, and how healing allows this to be a gift

✨How she reclaimed her voice and embraced her gift as a singer again

✨Why people are hungry for authenticity through leaders revealing who they are

✨Sharing as we are going through it versus waiting to “get through it”

✨How she has given herself permission to not be “on” all the time

✨The decision she made to stop giving her power away to mentors, coaches or other people who seemed to know more about biz that her

✨Her experience leaving her spiritual community and how she stood for her decision

✨Her definition of “Bold Boundary”

✨Dealing with loss, tragedy or other real-time circumstances in the midst of running a business/being visible

About Our Guest:

Starr Sheppard-Decker, is a spiritual and business coach, facilitator, speaker, activist, rebel, professional vocalist, wife, mother of three, and founder of Radical Revelations. She has been having controversial conversations online and in Portland for over 15 years, and has been passionate about the planet since she was a small child. From seeing clients for 10 years to facilitating live events and doing personal development for nearly 20, she offers her years of experience in various ways, including a weekly virtual Spiritual service, a monthly virtual support group, a monthly life event, and private and group coaching.

After being shamed in spiritual community for being a leader also dealing with chronic health issues and family estrangement, Starr walked away in 2015 and got the deeper healing she needed. She now supports other Coaches, Healers & Changemakers who are dealing with challenges like loss, injury, tragedy or transition. She helps them to build inner stability and business sustainability so these leaders can keep giving their best, even if they’re at their worst. Starr sees an unhealthy approach to leadership and personal transformation, and wishes to bring light to the dark places in her industry through love, awareness, and truth. 

Connect with Starr at:

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How have you shown up in your business during tough times?


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